Sunday, 26 August 2012

We Get A Wabbit, We Get A Wabbit!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

It's our last day here on the Isle of Islay, Old Two Legs had turned the caravan around so he can hitch it up tomorrow morning without too much aggravation and noise.

The view is terrible, all we can see is the football pitch!

To make up for it, we made two new friends on our Private Beach this morning, there was Oscar the Bichon Frise and Toby the Labrador, we exchanged sniffs and I woofed at Toby for sniffin too close to my tail!

Toby & Holly play Chase!
While OTL was having breakfast I did my, 'I want to go Out' act and OTL said that as it was our last day he would take us down to the Big Beach where the rabbits were!

When we got there it was covered with cattle out for their 'Sunday on The Beach' party and they didn't care that we wanted to chase rabbits!

OTL moved off further down the beach and let us off the lead!

Well it was not our normal gorse bushes but very soon we had flushed a couple of rabbits and one was a bit slow to get going, so we had got closer before it got into top gear!

The Chase is ON!

In a flash we were on it, Holly gave it a smack on the nose with her paw and I got in front to stop it getting away. It crouched down and gave a squeal to say it had given up and wanted a breather!

OK, I give up!
By then OTL had arrived and told us to 'leave it alone', which was a bit much 'cos it was the first rabbit we had stopped all holiday! Which was a bit much 'cos we wanted to take it home to Trev, just to show him we can catch rabbits!

We got our leads clipped on and had to go for a walk with that to stop us chasing more rabbits!

We walked close to the sea and I fancied a swim, so I tried dragging Holly into the water but she is not one for swimming!

OTL said that providing I was a good puppy and just played in the water he would let me off the lead, so I went swimming!

Look! I Got The Ball!
First of all I had a paddle in the shallow bit, then OTL threw the ball and off I went into the deeper bit!

You know, before long I was swimming with all of my paws off the bottom!

Well I was having such a good time it seemed to be a shame when OTL clipped me back onto the lead hand headed for the car. By the time we got there I was shivering, so OTL gave me a good rubbing down with one of our 'Doggy Towels' which helped me stop shivering, that and the heated seat in the car!

We got back to the caravan and told The Missus about the rabbit and my swim and Holly smacking the rabbit with her paw and TM said we were clever puppies and deserved a treat, so she bought an ice cream cone for herself but she let us have a lick!

Well, you know what Holly and I are like with ice cream! We just didn't give it back to TM, we woofed the lot down and even had a nibble of the cone!

Me Licking!
And of course, Holly with her large, long tongue, made sure she got a good helping!

Holly getting Stuck In, Nose and All!
After all that we had a game of 'Chase The Ball' with OTL on the football pitch and in the end we all collapsed in a heap on the touch line!

After the Game!
OTL says we should get a new picture for the blog and one without his knobbly knees!

So, shall we put in the one above or the one below or shall we go after one showing his knobbly knees!

OTL on a Good Day!
Off tomorrow morning at some terrible time to catch the ferry back to the mainland but that means we will be in Gretna Green good and early enough for OTL to try and get his money back!

By the way, TM decided she didn't like the tin shed picture, so she got OTL to take another.

TM's New Old Tin Shed!
 It still looks like a Tin Shed to us!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow


McDaisy & Mac Holly