Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Puddle Puppies!

Hello World!
Daisy & Holly here again.
A BIG woofing hello to Valerie and welcome to our little blog!

I know it's still January and we are supposed to be getting frosts and wind and storms and stuff like that, but it seems to be getting warmer and wetter here in North Kent. Last night it poured down and this morning it was still going strong!

The Missus took us out for our morning walk but as soon as we got out the front door we decided that a run around the football pitch would be OK, just for this morning.

A little later in the day Old Two Legs took us out and he said a run across the fields would do us some good, so off we went.

First of all there was the puddles.

Puddle No. 1
Then we had a run across the field.

Speed Shifting across the Field!
Then we arrived at another puddle.

Puddle No. 2
We were getting a little wet by now but OTL did not seem to mind, he was striding through the puddles as well!

We were going around the back of the golf course and up the lane, well that was the idea, as we turned the corner, instead of a lane there was a river!

River Lane!
It was amazing, the water was coming off the fields and running towards the sea, along the lane.

Well, we had fun running up and down the river chasing the 'Foam Fairies' but every time we put our paw on them they sort of disappeared!

Chasing Foam Fairies!
As we went around the top of the field, we made a VID (Very Interesting Discovery). 

Remember a little while ago we chased a big old Dog Fox across the field and lost him in the brambles, well, we were sniffing around the back of the brambles today and we found his front door!

Foxy's Front Door
 Well, being part Fox Terrier, it seemed our duty to have a word with him, so we woofed and growled, and woofed again.

Any one home?
Then I stuck my head down the hole and called out to him, but there was no answer.

Maybe he was out down the road getting some shopping or collecting the kids from school!

Now we know where he lives, we can always call again, when he is in, and who knows, maybe next time we will meet him and even get a cup of tea and a chat by the fire!

You can imagine just how wet we were, drenched through to the skin but not freezing cold.

It was good to get home though and have a rub down with our towel and a brush, just in time for a bite to eat and a snooze before Tea Time.

See you again tomorrow, maybe the rain will stop for a while!

Bye bye from Daisy & Holly