Friday, 3 April 2015

A Relaxing Friday

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back on Good Friday!

Old Two Legs is still sleeping down stairs to keep away from an infectious Missus who has taken over the bedroom!

It's great fun 'cos we go up and give TM a cuddle then rush back and jump on OTL, lick his ear and snuggle down for a cuddle, until we want to go back and give TM a cuddle again!

Today, TM has got out of bed and struggled downstairs to watch TV and give OTL instructions!

Holly said she would stay with TM and make sure she got cuddles all day!

Out for our walk this morning, the ferrets fell asleep on the way down to the sea side and OTL had to pick them out of the travelling cage while they were both still asleep!

Excited Ferrets!
Mind you, as soon as OTL put them into the Ferret Bag they wanted to get out for a wee!

We headed off to The Beach and on the way OTL spotted a rabbit, but he didn't tell us!

It was sitting there, as still as a statue, frozen to the ground!

I'm not moving Mister, honest!
Of course, the wind was in the wrong direction and although the rabbit could sniff us, we couldn't sniff her!

Well, that's our excuse anyway!

The tide was out and both ferrets had a play in the sea weed and Miss Snowflake even managed to fall into a rock pool and she ended up with wet paws!

Oops! Wet Paws Again!
We were all running along the beach, heading for the grass path, when Baily poked his head over the Sea Wall to take a look at the ferrets.

He says they were 'Sweet' but as Holly says, 'Yeah, Sweet, until they take a nip of your back legs when your not looking'!

They are so Sweet!
We got back home to find TM sitting on the sofa preparing a long list of 'Urgent Jobs', OTL sneaked off up stairs to try to find a suitable Hidey Hole so he can escape!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and the tide had just turned to go out, so there was a couple of feet of wet stones on the shore!

Holly and I did some 'Sniffing' along the high tide mark but there was nothing terribly interesting.

Me pointing to the ground!
 There was a Sea Gull passing and we asked if he had seen Sid on his travels? Unfortunately he hadn't seen Sid since he left for the Essex side of the Thames, so we expect he has met up with his family and was staying over there for Spring.

Sid? Nah! I haven't seen him for a while!
So that was it, back home for a good brush and an application of the 'Anti Tick' drops on our back!

It's a good sign when we get them 'cos that means the holiday isn't too far away!

We have been doing some investigations on the Internetty and see that there are loads of rabbits in the area, so we are looking forward to some serious Rabbit Chasing!

TM has decided that she got up too early and will have an early night. OTL told her she should stay in bed but who ever listens to OTL?

Well we don't, unless it is to our advantage!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

P.S. All you who have got the bug as well, Stay In Bed and keep on with the tablets!