Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A day looking for Frolicking Otters!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here in sunny Isle of Islay.

This morning we were down on our private beach when a load of sheep came wandering through and even had the cheek to stop an stare at us! Holly gave one of her 'Grumbly Growls' and they all ran off!

Nosey Sheep!
I went straight in for my dip in the 'Plunge Pool' which tones up my fur and makes my tail stand up!

Daisy's Plunge Pool!
 After that Holly said I should try the Bubble bath a bit further out, but I said I was not that stupid!

Mind you it did look inviting!

Bubble Bath?
After a quick roll in the sand to dry off we went 'rock pooling', just to see if any pirate treasure had been washed up over night but all we found was more Nelly Fish and a stick!

Rock Pooling!
The stick was great, it was big enough for OTL to get a good throw to it and long enough for Holly and I to get a good hold on it and best of all it was strong enough not to break when we had a fight over it!

Stick Running!
This afternoon we went out with OTL and The Missus and found this wonderful beach, I mean, it went on for miles and miles and better still, we were the only ones on the beach, except for a dead sheep!

Our Beach!
OTL told us off for sniffin the sheep so we had a super game of 'Chase the Ball' and 'Digging the Biggest Hole'

Then to finish it off, we both jumped into the hole and had a good roll around!

Holey Rollers!
Then we found another beach where we were chased by a youngster who wanted to stick her nose under my tail all the time, until I gave it a good wash in the water!

I'm just Cooling Off!
OTL wanted to visit an old church and while we were there we spotted this old cross, seems like it was 1,300 years old, wow, that's even older than OTL!

The Kildalton Cross.
Just to let you know what it is all about, here is the notice by it's side!

The Details!
On our way back to the caravan, guess what we found?

Another Beach!

We Was Here!
So after another quick swim to cool down, we built this, just to prove we were here!

You know what, we were looking all day for the Frolicking Otters OTL saw mentioned on a poster in the centre. Well, the only thing that was 'Frolicking' today was us!

A long and tiring day, so I see an early night coming!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & Mac Holly