Monday, 18 April 2016

Claws Crossed for Archie Babe!

Hi Woofers!

It's us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and of course, Freddy de Ferret!

We got news that Archie Babe was kept in the Veterinary Hospital last night! Seems he was not getting enough fluid in to him so they have stuck him on a drip and given him some snoozy pills!

A bit later today we got info that he will be staying at the vets over night to continue with the treatment and with a bit of luck he'll be home tomorrow!

Keep yer tail up Archie Babe, we have all got our claws crossed and leave the cats alone for a while!

We bet that cat is laughing all over it's whiskers. Miss May says we should let her and April go up and have a word with that pussy, you know, put it in it's place and keep out of the garden or we let Nipper off the chain!

That'll sort the cat out!

It was great down on the beach, the sun was out and the sand was dry and just great for the ferrets to have a dig in!

April getting ready for playing 'Dozers'!
 After a while May came along to help April shovel some sand into a big pile!

OK, form a line and dig yer nose in!
 Holly was sniffing out some sea weed that had come in on the last tide, she reckons it was full of shrimps but Old Two Legs says it was more than likely sand flies!

What ever turns you on!

Lunchtime Freddy and Wendy were down the beach having fun carrying on with the digging May and April started.

OK, here is the starting place!
 Freddy, being a bit bigger got his nose into the sand and was shovelling away like a powerful Bulldozer. The only problem was, the sand was sticking to his hair and getting up his nose!

Any one got a Hankie I could borrow?
 After a while Freddy decided to have a break from digging and spend some time chasing Holly, well, really he was creeping up behind Holly and shouting WOOF!

Of course, Holly pretended to be frightened and ran off going 'OOOO! I'm being chased by a Monster'!

Ooooo! Help, It's a Ferret Monster!
 Miss Wendy was chasing after Freddy but she couldn't keep up with Freddy 'cos he can be a bit speedy when he is chasing Holly!

Slow down you lump, wait for me!
OTL had to go out this afternoon and didn't get back until much later. Mind you, he had half an hour before he got served with his dinner, which we helped him eat!

So, we are off to see what The Missus has that is worth mugging.

See you tomorrow and Keep yer Tail up Archie Babe!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.