Sunday, 22 July 2012

We go racing at Hockenheim and see some Hairy's!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

You will be pleased to know that Holly says she feels better this morning, but her tummy is still upset. So she had to get Old Two Legs to give her a wash when we got home!

We were walking along The Sea Wall when I spotted Andy crouching down on top of the steps.

Andy waiting for Holly!
He is always pleased to see us and I'm sure he has fallen for Holly! I know that because he always gives her a kiss when he meets her!

A kiss for Holly!
We saw The Corvid family having breakfast on the beach, Mrs Corvid said they were dining 'Al Fresco', whatever that is!

Al Fresco? No, it's Mrs Corvid!
We were on our way back to the car when we heard 'Helloooooooooo Girlies!'

Hellooooo Girlies!

It was Barney!

We haven't seen him for almost two weeks and asked him what he had been doing?

Well, he said, I've been confined to the house 'cos I got a dose of 'Kennel Cough'!

'It wasn't very nice and because it is very infectious, and I was kept away from all other doggies, but I'm OK now and back to full health!'

We told him about Holly's upset tummy and he wished her well and off he went chasing a ball thrown by his owner!

Back home it was a butt wash for Holly followed by her medicine and a snooze in the garden until the F1 started on the TV.

We had a game of motor racing by pretending the Hockenheim track was around the back garden and through the kitchen, behind the sofa and through the table legs and into the home straight behind the coffee table and into the garden again!

Just before the race started OTL shut the back door and closed our track because we were making too much noise!

Brrrrmmmm, Brrrrmmmmm!

We settled down to watching the race and mugging OTL for some of his lunch!

After it was all over we went for our walk, a bit late but OTL took us to The Forest! We hadn't been there for some time due to the amount of rain we have had and Holly's upset tum!

We got through the gate and were met by a herd of Highland Cattle!

The Herd!
Holly did her 'Woofin Hello' call and they looked over to us and said 'Hi!'

It seems they have been brought in to help keep down all the bracken and stuff. We will look forward meeting them again over the next visit to The Forest!

We carried on down the path, investigating all the sniffs, some we knew and some we didn't!

A path full of Sniffs!
We went hunting squirrels but didn't see any at all. OTL reckons he saw two squirrels on the ground, but as we didn't see them we told OTL they didn't count!

Was that a Squirrel?
Back home Holly had the last of her pills (on a choccy biscuit!) and a squirt of some stuff that is supposed to help her tummy!

So now we are looking forward to a nice cuddle tonight and maybe a bit of shortbread, if OTL gets his whisky out!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly