Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Super Day today, it has been sun shine from the start. Old Two Legs was up early'ish this morning and managed to get his paddling done before the sun came up! That was very good 'cos it means we can get down to the Sea Wall before all the Mini Two Legs get into school.

The reason we like that is because there are loads of cars all parked outside the schools in the most awkward places and it is a real pain trying to get past them all, plus it upsets OTL that with a little forethought, they could all go  fifty yards down the road and park in a proper car park and then walk to the school!

OTL says that little Two Legs don't get enough exercise walking to school. When he was a little Two Legs he had to walk three miles to school, along major roads! Holly wanted to know if he was ever in danger of being run down by the stagecoach or held up by Highway Men, but decided to let it pass 'cos she wanted to get out and have a wee and didn't want to listen to a long lecture by OTL!

We think it great fun when he starts mumbling dark curses at all the badly parked cars and the pram pushing Two Legs standing in the middle of the road gassing away!

Poor OTL, all that steam coming out of his ears can't be doing him much good! Holly reckons we should call him Old Grumble Guts, or OGG instead of OTL!

Old Grumble Guts and Mr Brambles
 Down on the beach the sun had just got over Sheerness and was reflected off the wet mud, very pretty!

And ten seconds later, it was gone!
 Holly and I had a good time digging holes and OTL had to use the Flash on the camera, which made my eyes look weird, mind you, that's what happens when you are hungry!

I can See You!
Back home we got 'Doggy Scoff'! You know, after the chicken yesterday we thought we had finished with this diet thingy but no, we are still suffering!

There must be somewhere we can got for a a Judicial Enquiry on what food we should get. I mean, we don't even get any muggins or nibbles! Even OTL has given up Shortbread until he looses five kilos!

To make up for the hunger pangs, OTL is concentrating on this Infrared Camera Thingy Whatsit and I will admit, it's getting better, not brilliant but better!

Mind you, it does help to have a sunny day 'cos there's more definition to the photo!

We think it looks better converted over to Black & White!
Of course, Holly Dog was getting all ' Fashion Model' like and spent some time posing for OTL. This is her 'Posh Pose' you know, nose in the air!

Do I look good or Do I Look Good!
Then OTL wanted us both in the same shot but I was getting fed up with Holly talking about how I should turn around and show my 'Best Side'!

I mean, at least my body has sides, unlike her who is more rotund where she should be flat!

Chin up Girl! You don't want to look like your frowning!
I think the best shot was when we were walking along the top of the Sea Wall, you can tell it is Holly in front, I mean, just compare the silhouette!

The camera doesn't lie, much!
 After lunch we all settled down to a snooze, except Miss Snowflake who was rattling the cage doors to be let out for a rampage around the office. OTL got the 'Cat Tease' out and the pair of them had great fun chasing each other in and out of the cardboard boxes and in and out of the cardboard tubes!

It took about an hour before she crawled back into Snowy Heights and fell asleep cuddled up in Mr Brambles front paws!

We are expecting the new Ferret Bag to arrive tomorrow, now, that will be fun trying that out!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.