Saturday, 14 January 2012

OTL keeps Disapearing!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly back to see you.

Last night after up loading the blog, Old Two Legs an The Missus started putting on their outside coats and TM was putting lipstick on as well. A sure sign they were going out! So, Holly and I started to try and guess where we were all going. That was right up to the point where OTL waved his hand and said 'Bye, Bye' and then told us he wouldn't be too long!

That's it, we were going to be left on our own with nothing to do but chew carrots on the lounge floor and sleep on the sofa where OTL had left his big warm coat!

Holly and I started off with a good game of chase all around the house. Then we went and got our rawhide chews and brought them down stairs. Now, we normally get in trouble if we do that 'cos they leave a white sticky mess on the carpet. After a short time we took them back up to OTL's office  'cos we didn't want to get in trouble when they come back!

Auntie Sheila came in around nine and let us out for a wee in the garden, which was very kind of her and to show how thankful we were we gave her a 'Big Hello' lick!!

Needless to say, when OTL & TM finally get back from visiting their friends, we gave them a lick as well, before going to bed.

This morning it was frosty when we went out, deep frost that made you very careful when you go for a wee. We don't throw our leg up in the air like wot Max does, we squat down and if you go too far, that frosty grass can be a bit chilly on your bits!

Watch yer bits Sis!

On the way back we played a game with OTL, we reckoned that if we put our shadows together, we could be as long as OTL's shadow but somehow it didn't work out!

He is still longer than us!
When we got home OTL gave us a brush and we had lambs heart for breakfast. When we finished, Auntie Karen & Uncle Ian came knocking on our door, well, we gave them a good 'Hello Lick' and Karen started unloading loads of glue pots and bags of glitter, we know what she had in mind for today!

Before we knew it, OTL and Ian had sneaked out of the house and were off to do some bird watching, without us!

That was not fair, I mean, we can be good girls and watch birds without making too much noise!

We spent the day dodging glue and glitter lumps flying about, but we did get a run around the Fields at lunch time and Holly reckons she found a sniff worth rolling in, that was until TM started to shout at her , so she had to leave it alone. She did make a note of where it was so next time.......!

OTL came back and said that the birds were all tucked up in bed keeping warm, he saw some of the Ducky things like Coot and Moor Hen and Shoveller and he took a picture of a Tufted Duck with its yellow eye!

Oo! You taking my photo?
As normal, the Coots were all fighting and chasing each other around the pond! OTL saw a Marsh Harrier, but it was a long way away across the other side of the pond and kept looking the other way!

Marsh Harrier having a rest.
OTL reckons the best bird he saw today was the Great White Egret, but it was so far away that he had to get Ian to use his telescope to find it first of all!

Can you see it?
When they both got back, OTL said that we wouldn't have enjoyed it down there as it was too cold, even in the hides! So, maybe it was a good idea that we got left in the warm with TM and the Cat Woman!

Not sure what is planned for tomorrow but we did hear OTL & TM talking about The Boys coming over for 'Christmas Lunch'? Now, come on, even we know it's January and Christmas in in December! If they do come over we can have a good game and maybe go out down the New Park for a run, that would be fun!

I'll let you know what happens!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly