Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Woofing Good Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We have been playing Old Two Legs up today, there he is, all busy in the office, bashing away on the keyboard and gassing on the phone.

So we go down stairs and sit by the front window and let off a terrific woofing and howling, like there is a Monster or a Burglar at the front door and we are the only ones to keep the household safe!

OTL comes down the stairs expecting to find someone on the front door step, but he finds no one there!

He gives us a 'Look' and we say that they have just gone away before he got down the stairs.

We wait for about ten minutes, then set off the Woofing and Howling again. Down comes OTL a bit faster than before, only to find that the caller has turned around and rushed off 'cos they were scared off by our ferocious Woofing and Howling!

We have managed to get OTL down the stairs five times now and the last time he came down the stairs we reckon he only touched two steps with his feet, the rest was a very ungraceful dive that had him bouncing off the wall at the bottom of the stairs!

By then he gave up and we went out for our lunch time walk!

We kept on asking 'Who is That?' and OTL would look up and say 'Where?' then we'd say, 'Oh, They've Gone!'

Hey, Who's That?

That winds him up as well!

It was so funny that after a while Holly couldn't do it without getting a fit of The Giggles!

Holly getting The Giggles!
Then it got so bad that even I couldn't keep a straight face!

Me, giggling as well!
We just couldn't keep it up for too long and it was just in time that a couple of Shihtzu came bouncing along. We had met these before, there was Max and Archie. Now these two don't do other dogs very much, they are more into playing up to the Two Legs and Max was the worse!

He was all over OTL like a bad case of fleas!

He was bouncing around, jumping up, woofing and wiggling his tail for OTL.

OTL, being a big softy was giving him tickles on his tail and scratches behind the ear.

Holly whispered to me that she thought he was a right Dopey Dog and should she go and give his tail a nip?

I said that OTL wouldn't like that and not to worry, if the Dopey Dog gets close to me I'd give him a Woof and a bit of the old 'Hairy Eyeball'

That'll sort him out!

Dopey doing his stuff!
Dopey didn't last long and got dragged off by his owner, leaving us to carry on with our walk.

We spotted Mr Corvid on the beach looking for his lunch, we know he was hungry 'cos he was getting all upset and shouting 'Who's Nicked me Whelk?'

OK, Who's Nicked me Whelk
We thought that was funny as well 'cos we could see Mrs Corvid on the next breakwater having a chew of a big juicy whelk, now, I wonder where she got that from!

Back home for a snooze before dinner, then an early night 'cos OTL has to get up early tomorrow to get the big car down to the dealers for a new light bulb and a look at his suspension!

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly