Thursday, 20 February 2014

She's Back and OTL's In Trouble!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Last night we played a trick on OTL, around two thirty, just after our 'Puppy Patrol' we both jumped on OTL and ran around the bed woofin' an yelping like a couple of puppies!

We thought it was a great trick and it certainly woke Old Two Legs up with a start! He said he thought the house was collapsing around him!

Once he found out it was just us two, he threatened us with a night in the shed if we woke him up any more!
Spoil Sport!

Down on the beach it was all grey looking in the sky and a bit windy as well. No too cold, but Miss Snowflake wouldn't have it, she said it was Freezing and OTL should pick her up and if he didn't then everyone should give her a cuddle, Yeah, Right!

Come On, Gissa Cuddle!
When that finally failed, we all had a game of 'Best Butt' and we had to describe why our butt was best!

Mr Brambles said his was 'Manly' while Miss Snowflake said hers was 'Small and Firm' owing to the fact it was frozen stiff!

Holly said hers was 'Warm and Cuddly' and I told her she ought to try sleeping with her nose near it at night 'cos there's another description that ended in .....elly!

I said mine was the best 'cos it fitted me just right and wiggled when I walked!

'Small and Wiggly'!
OTL said that we ought to judge them just before he has to wash them when we get the 'Grumbly Tum' and see what they all look like then!

No Thanks! That's His Job!

 Miss Snowflake headed for the Rock Face and found a spot out of the wind, she said if it were not for the fact she was hungry, she might have stayed there all morning!

Not bad here out of the wind!
Back home we had Lambs Heart for breakfast and while we were eating OTL got going with the vacuum cleaner trying to get rid of all the peanut shells he had dropped on the floor, then there was the muddy paw marks on the carpet and the sofa. Holly reminded him about the carrot crumbs behind the chair and I made a note to rescue the chew from under TM's pillow!

OTL said that we had to be good puppies and not make a mess on the carpet before she came back or it would look like he hadn't cleaned up after us!

As if! 

Just to make sure, he made us sleep in the office all morning, not that it was hard work snoozing!

Around eleven thirty OTL said we should keep an eye out for The Missus, so, we took up our 'Watching' position at the bedroom window and pretty soon we saw the little car come around the corner.

Holly was the first to jump up and wave to her but she didn't wave back, we think she was pretending not to see us!
She's Back!

That was it, we sort of went potty for a while after she got through the front door, we were jumping all about and licking her nose and ears!

You should have seen the amount of stuff that got unloaded from the car, it was a wonder there was enough room for her to get in as well!

Of course, OTL was in trouble 'cos he didn't manage to vacuum all the crumbs up from behind his chair, (Holly and I sit there and eat our chews).

So, all afternoon we have been listening to TM tell us all about her trip and how The Boys were doing at Two Legs School and how they have squirrels in the garden and Long Tailed Tits in the trees!

That was it for the afternoon, OTL went back to work and we snoozed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles