Thursday, 21 January 2016

Getting to Know You!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret!

We have been having some fun today! You see, last night Freddy and Wendy were a bit tired after yesterdays activity and they both went to sleep and didn't wake up until this morning when Old Two Legs went into the office to say Good Morning to everyone!

That's when the fun started!

Freddy was saying Good Morning to Old Two Legs and getting a tickle around the back of his ear when Wendy came flying out of her sleeping bag and went for Freddy! Poor Freddy didn't know what hit him!

He leaped up into the air, did a 'Fear Fart' and covered Wendy then flew through the open door into OTL's arms!

May and April were wide awake by now and were tearing around their cage trying to find out who had made the terrible sniff!

Freddy got chased all over the cage and ended up in the Corner Bed with his ears out of reach and his butt hanging out the door! Lucky for him his butt was big enough to block the entrance and Wendy got fed up with OTL picking her up and moving her to another shelf! So she settled down to eating her breakfast and keeping an eye on any movement from Freddy's Butt!

We went out for our morning walk with May and April leaving Fred and Wendy with The Missus who promised to keep an eye on them.

A Walk on the Beach

It was a bit chilly and April decided about half way around the Sea Wall that the Ferret Bag was the most comfortable place to be!

Back home May and April spent all their time peering into Fred and Wendy's cage trying to 'eye ball' Wendy!

Come on Where is She?
Fred was fast asleep and trying very hard to ignore the  noise being made by May and April as they were rattling the cage walls!
Wakey Wakey!
When it was Fred's turn to go on the rampage, OTL let him go on a wander while Wendy was kept in the office to explore her new world. After cleaning the cage OTL took Wendy downstairs to the kitchen where there were some Brambles Biscuits in a bowl and a big bowl of water. Freddy was having a nibble when OTL put Wendy down on the floor near to Freddy. He turned his head, saw Wendy, went Oh! Oh! and headed towards the door!

Unfortunately the door was closed so he hid behind the waste bin!

After a little wandering around and chasing Fred, Wendy climbed onto a pile of our towels and settled down to a snooze!

OTL took them both back up stairs and put them back into the cage again.

That's when it started again. Wendy went after Fred again and May and April were tearing around their cage yelling out 'Fight! Fight! Fight!'

Things settled down for a while and OTL found Snowflakes harness and adjusted it to fit Wendy and left her to get used to it!

OK, what do we do now?
Lunchtime came and Fred was put in the travelling cage while Wendy was clipped onto the chain inside the ferret bag and off they went!

Wendy wasn't too sure about the big open spaces and the sniffs were all new to her as well.

Now this is BIG!
First of all it was down to the beach for a play in the sand and sniff the sea weed. Next it was a run along the Sea Wall to start to rub down Wendy's claws. Freddy was still getting the occasional lunge from Wendy but he managed to run all the way from one set of steps to the other, as normal. Then they were both picked up and carried for a while before walking half way up the grass path and heading back to the car park.

Freddy manages a Butt Sniff!
 Wendy was playing at hiding and looking out for a good place to spring an ambush!

I'll jump out on him from here!
After a while, Wendy was getting a bit tired and Holly had got fed up with waiting for the ferrets to catch up.

OTL relented and carried them both back to the car park. On the way back Freddy positioned himself on OTL's arm and gave Wendy's ear a licking!

There was nothing she could have done to stop him!

On the way back home, Wendy fell asleep in the bag, well I don't suppose she has had much exercise and all that fresh air knocked her out!

Back in the cage Wendy had a token chase around the cage but OTL was ready for her and Freddy managed to get out of the cage and into OTL's arms in double quick time!

After a while she fell asleep in her corner bed and Freddy  crawled into his Cuddle Cup and they both fell asleep!

Then, without any warning Wendy was out and chasing Freddy down stairs to the Poo Pots, then she enjoyed a feed at the food bowl!

She is a bit of a bully!

We are not sure how long it is going to take for them to settle down but we are keeping our claws crossed 'cos they are not always fighting, so it is a case of establishing a hierarchy!

So that's it for today, OTL working and us Woofers snoozing!

Bye bye for now!


 Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy De Ferret.