Friday, 13 November 2015

A Monochromatic Day!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.

Well, he is at it again!

Old Two Legs is trying to get all 'Arty' with his photos and has dug out the Yellow Filter, switched the camera controls over to Black & White and started up the Computer Program for processing B&W!

So, here is the first!

Old Sheerness!
When The Missus saw this she said she preferred colour to B&W but if you took a colour of the same scene it would be almost all B&W!

Holly and I had more important things to do, like suggest that the 'Half Boat' packs up it's gunwales and clear off!

are you Still Here?
Miss April suggested we dig a trench in front of the Half Boat and run it all the way down to the sea, then when the tide comes in it will fall back into the sea and go somewhere else!

We could start here!
We didn't think it was a good idea 'cos it was full of stones and rocks and stuff!

Holly and I headed off and Miss May followed to see if we found any good sniffs!

Sniffed that one yesterday!
When we got home, OTL had found Miss Snowflake had got 'Caught Short' and missed the Poo Pot all together, which is most unlike her. So, after clearing everything up he made a call to the vets and got an appointment for nine fifty, just twenty minutes away!

So off they went, Holly and I stayed at home, we're not daft!

OTL thought that Snowflake might have got an infection but her temperature was all OK, she did a wee on the inspection table and that was pronounced as 'Normal'!

The vet and OTL just couldn't decide if there was anything wrong and if it was, then just where it was wrong!

In the end they decided to put her on a course of antibiotics and also give her an 'anti inflammatory' injection as well, just in case!

If you remember before she was given a course of antibiotics that was supposed to be taken through her mouth but as soon as it was squirted down her throat, she spat it back out all over the vet!

So, for the next five days she has an appointment with the vet to get stabbed with a needle!

Back home she spent most of the day sleeping, except late afternoon when she got up for a little rampage, that was until she found Holly's new bed and said it was the most comfortable bed she had ever rested on, and immediately fell asleep!

I Love this Woofer Bed!
So, leaving her to snooze we took the Page 3 Girls out again for a second rampage on the beach.

April decided to dig her own hole under the boat so it would float away.

I'll dig my own hole to get rid of the boat!
Mind you, in the end she got fed up and joined me sniffing for new sniffs!

That camera clicking sound can really put you off you know!
Back home I got a full wash down with soap and water, you see I had found this really super stinky sniff and just had to have a roll!

I got washed, scrubbed, rinsed and wrung out too dry!

But was a really good sniff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.