Thursday, 14 May 2015

Holly does a runner and we all get wet!

Yacky Dar Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It's all happening down here in South West Wales!

Yesterday, after I had uploaded the blog, Old Two Legs says 'How about a run on the beach?'

Too Woofing Right!
 Well, what is a woofer going to say to that?

Has a Woofer got a Tail!

This time the ferrets came with us as well!

Our beach has a stream crossing it and heads into the sea. Mr Brambles, being full of fun heads into the stream for a drink of water.

Mmmmm! Don't taste too bad!
 Then, after he had a good slurp, he the sets about swimming up stream calling out that he was a big fierce otter looking for unsuspecting woofers to eat!

Grrrrr! I'm a Big Fierce Hungry Otter!
 Miss Snowflake headed off to the rocks and had super time diving in and out and under all the rocks on the beach!

Hello Cheeky!
Then she spotted Mr Brambles having a great time splashing about in the water, so, quick as a flash, she was in the water as well.

Only problem was, she chose the deep bit and managed to get everything wet, except her nose!

A Wet & Soggy Ferret!
Still, she thought it was great fun and when we got back to the car, OTL gave them both a good rub down with one of our towels!

They were straight into bed when we got back, two worn out little ferrets!

About three this morning there was the sound of rain crashing onto the caravan roof and the awning being blown about by the wind.

We were expecting the rain so had tidied everything and brought all the ferret stuff into the caravan to stop it getting to damp.

This rain has carried on all day and you know, Holly and I refused to go out for our morning wee with The Missus!

It's Too WET!

A bit later, after OTL had done all his 'Water Chores' he dressed Holly and I up in out Rain Coats and dragged us off to the Dog Walking Area!

We didn't want to go 'cos it was raining but OTL insisted and when OTL insists it's unwise to not go!

So, a little way into the woods Holly had a big wee she had been saving all night!

OTL let me off the lead 'cos he knows how I need a bit of privacy and I managed fair sized wee as well!

Then back to a good towelling and a snooze before  TM decides we need to go shopping!

All rather boring until OTL says fancy a walk on the beach when we get back?

Does a Woofer have a Tail?

After dropping TM off we headed to the beach and on the path to the beach we met up with this six month old Bozo of a Hairy Labrador and couldn't he woof!

Hey, Look! Two Little Woofers!
OK, so all he wanted was a game but he hadn't been taught how to behave with other woofers!

First he rushed in for a sniff, Holly woofed him off!

Then he tried it with me and got another 'Telling Off'!

Then he left us alone for a while and went back to digging holes and rolling in them!

I do this every day when I come down here!
Then it started to rain again. Holly, being a bit fed up with this Bozo said she was going back to the car to wait for us.

I said it wasn't a good idea to run away from OTL but Holly doesn't do wet and she doesn't do Big Bozo Woofers with no manners!

So off she went!

I ran a little way with her but OTL by now had spotted us and was doing his 'Come Back' whistle but Holly really wanted to get back to the car, and off she jolly well went!

I'm Off!
 I went back to OTL and together we headed for the car park where Holly was waiting by the car, having found out that she may be first to get back but she couldn't get in without OTL opening the door first!

Back to a fine chicken dinner followed by a snooze before we do some mugging!

Tomorrow, TM has told OTL he has to 'Clear Off and Take The Dogs With You'!

Seems she is a bit behind in preparations for her 'Master Class' on Saturday in Pontypridd!

She can only concentrate when we are not there!

So, us poor woofers are going to be thrown out to fend for ourselves amongst all these Druids, all day as well!

See you tomorrow, if we survive!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.