Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Badger Attack!

Hello Everyone!

It's your daily dose of Daisy & Holly!

We have been lucky puppies today, first of all we had a walk with Old Two Legs, across the fields, running and chasing each other as normal. 

That is Holly and me, OTL just sort of ambles along! 

We said hello to a small Yorky, when we could get a word in edgewise, 'cos he wouldn't stop barking at us.

We don't think he gets out much to meet other dogs, so thinks we are all trying to attack him or his owner!

Not like us, we meet loads of people!

Today we met some Badgers!

We were over the New Park again with OTL and were doing our normal, wander and chat bit when Holly started to growl. Not sure what she was growling at but I joined in just to support her. Then during a pause I asked her 'what we are growling for'?

'Badgers' she said.

Wot! Where? How Many? was all I could think! 

So, being a 'Wary' sort of puppy, I stood up on my hind legs for a better look.

Is that a Badger looking at me?
'Holly' I said, 'You're a Woofing Plonker! They aren't real, they're wooden Badgers for the children to play on!'

Holly wasn't sure but did agree that they weren't moving, but as she said, neither were we!

I hope the real Badgers aren't that big!

We met a big Spaniel type doggy with his mate, a real porky Jack Russell sort of dog who was a bit grumpy.

Hello Mates!
 Now if we thought he was grumpy, you should have seen who we met next!

We did our normal 'Hello!' but all she said was        'Grrrr'
Holly asked if her face was hurting, that did it, the Grrr turned into a Woof and she ran towards us saying she was going to box our ears for us. 

Then she started to chase Holly!

Catch us if you can!
Well, Holly and I know we are very good at the quick turn and duck inside tricks, so we weren't too worried about this dog catching us. First she chased Holly and then me but could not get near to us at all! Soon she got called by her owner and had to run off. Holly and I thought it was a great trick!

Then it started to rain, that was it, a quick dash back to the car and off home for a chicken sandwich and a snooze before dinner!

Life just don't get better, unless the sun shines and it gets warmer!

See you tomorrow!