Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Return of Monsieur Barney!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What a day! We went out with Old Two Legs this morning for our normal run along the Sea Wall.

We should have guessed that something was up 'cos he dressed us up in our winter coats and got out his protective cover for his camera.

Out the front door we went and it was raining, not much, not enough for our coats, but what the heck, it made a a change!

That was until we got down to the Sea Wall, it was blowing a gale down there and the rain felt like it was shot from a gun!

Hey! This is Horizontal Rain!
Well, that was it, we didn't fancy a long run this morning and pretty quickly both Holly and I had done what we needed to do and were pointing our noses towards the car!

OTL either didn't read our signals right or he had decided he wanted to get really wet!

We went a bit further on and then he turned around and headed for the short cut home!

As we got to the bit where OTL puts our lead on we heard 'WHEEeeeeeeeeee Girlies!'

Crashing through the weeds came Barney, back from his holiday!

Bonjour les filles!
He made a fuss of OTL then turned to us and said 'Bonjour les filles avez-vous eu un Wee-Wee?'

Holly looked at him and said 'Wot?'

Barney said it was what they spoke in the South of France where he had been. It was super warm and the sun shone most of the time!

I said we could do with some of that sunshine here 'cos we don't like the rain, too cold and wet!

Barney said he would catch up with us later and tell us some stories of his holiday!

We were glad to get back to the car where OTL gave us a rub down to get rid of most of the rain that had stuck to us. Trouble was, he also was soaked to his skin and when we got home he had to change all his clothes!

The morning was spent having a wander between the lounge and OTL's office.

Lunch time came and we looked out the window, yep, still raining!

Well OTL had to deliver some stuff so we agreed to go with him and providing it wasn't pouring down with rain, we would have a walk.

It poured down for most of the time we were delivering but it stopped just as we got to The New Park!

Off we went, I asked OTL if he had brought any balls with him to throw but there were none in the car, so we just had to put up with sniffin and running!

We said 'Hello' to the watchers and as normal, they said nothing, they just carried on watching!

Hello Mr & Mrs Watcher.
Then we said 'Hello' to the cows in the field and one came over and asked if we had any nibbles she could have 'cos she was getting fed up with wet grass all the time. Seems like it keeps giving her wind!

Got Any Nibbles?
I said that Holly gets like that after eating grass as well!

Holly said that OTL should take a picture of the cows eye, just for Mike. So here it is!

One for Mike!
There was a Rook sitting on the fence post having a groom and OTL was walking towards it with his camera up to his eye, sort of stalking thing he does with birds. We just ran along side the fence to see him but he flew away, just as OTL was getting close.

I'm getting ready to Fly!
We said sorry! Holly wanted to know if its song was like the Cuckoo but sort of Rook-Koo?

Holly found a big puddle, so we both had a paddle, until OTL told us we were 'Mucky Puppies' and we had to get out!

Puddles are for paddling in!
On our way back to the car I spotted a couple of big mean looking dogs coming towards us, so I did my trick of getting OTL to pick me up and sit me on his shoulder and as they came closer, I let off a load of big brave 'Woofs' and OTL told me off for doing that and Holly came running up, laughed and called me a Big Woofing Scaredy Cat!

Scaredy Cat!
Back home to some more nibbles and a cuddle with OTL and who knows, we may get him to get out the Shortbread tonight!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly