Thursday, 29 December 2011

Snoozy and Another Fight!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again and getting into trouble, as normal!

We were woken up by Old Two Legs snoring this morning, at first we thought it was a monster trying to tear the house down. The room shook, the windows rattled and our water bowl vibrated so much, half the water sloshed over the floor!

We managed to stop him, a cold wet nose in the ear always does the trick!

As we went out this morning in the car, we saw a Pussy Cat crossing the road, well, OTL had never heard such a Woofing and Grumbling from inside the car, we were on top volume and running from front to back of the car as well!

Great Fun!

When we got to the Sea Wall we found the tide was out, so, that means the Wormy Men are out.

So we woofed a 'Hello' but as normal they just kept on digging!

There goes The Wormy Man!
We did get to go a bit further along the Sea Wall today, so that meant new sniffs and new things to see.

Holly found the power station water outlet and woofed at some birds behind the railings. Just as OTL was trying to take a photo of them!
No Rabbits, just Birds!
Mind you, we did find some new Rabbit Holes and spent some time investigating them for future use! You know, what is the best way to sneak up on them and where can we hide before jumping out and woofing BOO!

New Rabbit Holes!
Now it's OK sorting out the Rabbit Holes and doing all this planning, but, when you are deep in 'Planning Mode' and checking out the normal way the rabbit hole is placed against the hill, the last thing you want is your sister coming along and poking her nose in!

She just would not leave the hole alone, sticking her nose where it was not wanted, taking over the planning and even having a wee close to the hole so she could claim it was hers! Well, I wasn't having any of that and told her just where she could get off! With that she got all possessive and said that the hole was hers 'cos she saw it on the way down there and had marked it beforehand. I got all upset and called her a Hole Snaffler, she accused me of being Domineering and a Proper Madam''

As you might have guessed by now.

That's when The Fight started!
It took OTL to come between us and warned that we would get no more nibbles if we carried on fighting. So we just walked together back to the car, shoving each other every so often when OTL wasn't looking!

It's fun being a Puppy!

When we got home we were both tired puppies and crashed out for most of the afternoon cuddling our rawhide chew.

That was until diner time, chicken and biscuits and some of OTL's beef burger!

Bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly