Monday, 16 November 2015

Miss Snowflake has gone.

Hello Woofers,

Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April here.

Today we had to say goodbye to Miss Snowflake.

As you know, she has been having trouble with a bone growth on her ribs, just where they join the spine.

When she first arrived here the lump was as big as Old Two Legs little finger nail but over the three years she has been with us it has just kept on growing.

The vet reckons it could have been the result of 'Trauma' which could be a fight with a rabbit or something like that. She was used as a 'Working Ferret' before she came to us, so we reckon that's what happened.

December 27th, when she poked her head out from under the shed and Holly and I thought she was some sort of white rat that was trying to invade our territory, we didn't realise just what a change we all were going to get!

OTL started off with removing seventy four ticks (nasty little blind, flesh eating spiders) from her. Then while OTL was running around looking for her owner, she settled into a comfortable life in the shower, well, we didn't have any cages for ferrets then!

Once we found the owner and he passed ownership to us Snowflake started a life of fun, she learnt how to climb all over the house and even had a go at playing the banjo!

She was a bit of a pickle to begin with and it took six months for her to stop sinking her teeth into OTL's hands! I think she just got fed up with the sniff of TCP!

She just loved going out for a walk with us, on her lead with a special harness OTL got for her.

 She was joined by Brambles, a lovely Sandy Hob and the pair settled down to an idyllic life together. If they weren't chasing each other then you would find them having cuddles together.

Sadly we lost Brambles to old age a couple of months ago.

Just of late the bone growth has been getting bigger and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. In the last few days it started to put pressure on her spine and although she did not appear to be in pain, her back legs and paws became a problem when she tried to walk.

Today was to be a visit to the vet to get another jab but the way she was walking made it obvious that her condition would never improve and she would soon be in pain.

OTL had brought the Ferretone with him and Snowflake was making a real pig of herself licking the stuff up from the lid!

Well, she didn't even feel the tranquilizer injection and she slowly fell asleep still slurping her favourite treat!

She had managed to do a big poo on the table and OTL picked her up and wiped  her butt clean, gave her a kiss and handed her to the vet.

So Snowflake drifted off peacefully and with no pain at all. OTL brought her back home and now she is in the big flower pot with Brambles, cuddled up next to him.

OTL spent the afternoon cleaning and disinfecting Snowy Heights and now it's all done it seems so empty and quiet.

We are all going to miss her terribly.

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April.

Miss Snowflake Died 16-11-15 Aged 5-6 years old.