Thursday, 22 September 2011

Holly and her Chew

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

It has been a mix of a day down here, first of all sunshine then this afternoon it got all cloudy and black clouds full of rain!

We went out with Old Two Legs at lunch time and as normal we were just busting to get out, as soon as OTL opened the door we were off like puppy powered rockets!

Around the corner we flew and there, sitting on the seat, was an old OTL watching the mud dry off shore!

Watching mud dry!
We shot past him, intent of catching the rabbits off guard!

Well, the rabbits were gone and OTL had stopped to have a chat, so back we came to see if there was anything interesting going on, or as Holly said, 'has he got any sandwiches?'

We let him give us a stroke behind the ear then ran off 'cos he didn't have anything to eat!

Holly ran off ahead of me as I was getting my ear tickled and when I caught her up she called to me to have a sniff at this magnificent sniff on the beach. She had no idea what the sniff was but it certainly made her nose buzz!

A Serious Sniff!
Well, as we are sisters, we do share a lot of common likes and dislikes, so I had a sniff.

A Serious Sniff Indeed!
I wasn't sure what is was either but it certainly made your nose twitch!

A bit further on OTL pointed out the wreck of the Montgomery, an old Liberty boat than got stranded on a sand bar and broke into bits when the tide went out. That's not so bad but the cargo was a load of explosives and OTL says that if it went bang there would be a big mess everywhere and our house would be damaged as well!

It's not until you see the masts sticking out at low tide that you realise just how close it is to the shore, I mean, I reckon even a rabbit could swim out to it!

The Montgomery.
Later on OTL had to do some deliveries, so we went with him and very soon we had arrived at the New Park!

We had just got through the gate and OTL had taken our leads off when this Labrador came bounding over to us, I was just a little worried in case he wanted to be a bit rough but blow me, he was a puppy and was all 'submissive', he first of all lay down then lifted his rear leg so we could have a sniff, then he lay down with his nose close to the ground!

It's not often we get a dog that size do the 'I'm only a puppy,please don't hurt me' act.

It made us feel quite grown up!

Please don't woof at me Missus!
 Holly told him to get up and go back to his owners who were calling him and for him to be a good puppy!

 As we were going out Holly suddenly woofed, look, is that Max?

There ahead of us was a Miniature Schnauzer! Hey! Maxi Babe! Called Holly.

He looked up from having a sniff.

Hey? Wot? You talking to me? I'm Harry, well that's what they call me!

We said sorry but he looked just like Max who we talk to on the computer thingy.

Then I said that Max is still a very small puppy and had not yet got to look as handsome as Harry, to which Harry got all embarrassed and said we were saucy little girls!

Maxi Babe?
He then ran off after his owner and we headed back to the car!

Tonight there is liver on the menu and of course there is OTL to mug!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Yo Max Mate, don't worry you will always get a cuddle from the TL's they are all really big softies, a lick on the nose and they all go soppy!

Looking forward to the blog when you get it started.

See you soon!