Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Day After!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here, another day older!

With all the things we did yesterday, Holly must have picked up a 'Birthday Bug' 'cos today she has the 'Grumble Tum' and is off her food, which is really serious if your name is Holly!

She has managed a few mouthfuls of breakfast and a little mugging of Old Two Legs at lunch time, so, we think she will survive!

OTL was all happy this morning 'cos he's got a New Toy. It's come all the way from America or to be exact Lake Hiawatha New Jersey!

 It has taken twenty days to arrive with most of the time it has been sitting in the UK Customs shed awaiting clearance!

OTL's New Toy!

Now with this new toy, he says, he will be able to photograph of a fleas backside. 

If you fancy looking up a fleas backside, contact OTL!

It is still misty and damp out there on The Sea Wall, no matter how much we tried, we still got all wet and damp!

OTL was even disappointed he couldn't find any new fungi, except this little Mycena he found on the path!

It's about the size of a two pence piece!
 Holly spent the morning on the sofa watching the birds in the garden and snoozing and at lunch time she said she felt a little better.

It's something I ate!
So, off we went to The Sea Wall again, we said hello to a Black Headed Gull who was searching for some cockles, we know that 'cos he called out .......

Which made a change from Holly calling out GotanySandwiches?

OTL was having fun as he found a fungi called 'Shaggy Inkcap' and it's also known as 'Lawyers Wig'!

Caprinus comatus
It was Horrible, all dripping black stuff off the edges!

OTL said that they used to gather the drips and use it as ink in the 'Old Days', Holly said that he means, 'when he was a lad'!

We got fed up with the fungi, so Holly and I had a game of chase on the beach, which was good 'cos it showed that Holly was feeling a lot better!

Chase The Puppy!
 OTL mentioned that we had not had our 'Birthday Picture' and that we should have a record of what we looked like on our birthday, so, we had a tidy up and shook the sand off our tails and struck a 'Pose'!
Holly & Daisy Three Years Old!
OTL says that we have got a booking at the 'Poodle Parlour', Friday week, so we will be all super smart and 'Looking the Business' and we have got to have our picture taken for the 'Christmas Card'.

Holly says we should roll in some mud before OTL takes our picture, just for fun!

I don't think I'm that brave!

I think we got Doggy Scoff tonight and OTL's got curry so we may get a nibble of the Nan Bread dipped in the curry sauce, if we're lucky!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly