Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Pond's Progress!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again!

This morning we went out with Old Two Legs for our stroll along The Sea Wall. When we arrived at the Sea Wall Path, we saw a couple of strangers sitting by their fishing rods teaching their worms to swim.

Holly said that we should check to see if they have fishing licenses to fish from our Sea Wall!

So, being ahead of Holly and OTL, I went up behind them and said 'Oi! You got a Fishing Licence?'

Trouble was, all they heard was me woofing at them! You know, they should really learn to understand 'Doggy'

Oi! You!
Anyway, in the end they only laughed and took no further notice of me!

You wait, next time I will pinch their worms, then they will be sorry!

Holly met up with Scruff and Bozo, well, that's what OTL calls them.

We all said hello and Holly thought that they were taking too long having a 'Hello Sniff', so she turned around and asked if they wanted to buy a guide book while they were here!

Hey! You wanna Guide Book?
That told them! Some Doggy's have no manners!

We saw a Super Big ship coming into Sheerness Docks and it was so big that they sent out three tugs to help it dock!

You got a Licence for that thing?
This afternoon OTL went off on his own to get some bits for the pond and when he came back he had 300Kg of Black Cobble Stones. These are for filling in the gaps between the rocks he has pinched from the rockery!

These are good 'cos when they are wet, they are black stones but when they got dry, they turn a sort of white colour!

He's getting there!
Holly says it looks real smart and I agree, except for that stone pigeon that OTL has stuck on a stone at the shallow end!

We next have to put some plants in the pond to oxygenate the water so that all those insects can live in the pond.

We found a good spot for a new sniff, all we need is some goose poo to ferment on the side and it will be complete!

Goose Poo or Heron Poo?
OTL says we have got to keep an eye out for Herons landing in the garden 'cos they are attracted but garden ponds 'cos they are normally full of fish!

We are not sure how long we have to leave the pond to settle before introducing plants, so, we may go off to the Aquatic Centre that sells all the plants for the pond and get some advice!

So, that's all for today, OTL is now complaining about his bad back and how worn out he is and The Missus is taking no notice what so ever!

Some things never change!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly