Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wet, Windy and Rude Rabbits!

Hi Woofers!

Damp Daisy & Soggy Holly here again!

What a wet day it has been today!

We were out early with Old Two Legs and we could feel the rain in the air as we strolled along The Sea Wall. The tide was right out so we knew it wasn't the spray from the waves as they rushed up the beach!

Oi! We Sniff Rain!
Us doggies have got a keen sense of smell when compared to you Two Legs! We can smell rain on the air and a Kebab at twenty miles!

Here! Does This Sniff Like Rabbit?
Holly and I decided that the sooner we got home the better! No wet tail, a good brush and some Lambs Hearts for breakfast! Who wants to wander along the beach when there is that at home!

As we got close to the car, OTL put our lead on, as normal, and marched us around the corner and there, sitting in the middle of the path, not moving, sat a juicy little rabbit!

That wasn't so bad but the rude little erk was singing out Nah, Nah, Nah, Can't catch me!

Nah, Nah, Nah!
Next time Bunny, next time!

Holly and I enjoy a brush, but some times we don't want OTL to hang about, we want to be off to breakfast and this morning it was one of those mornings. We kept fiddling about and rolling over to the other side so he hurries up with the brushing, then no wiggling when he brushes our muzzle!

As soon as he had finished with both of us we marched into the kitchen and sat down with our noses pointed towards the 'Doggy Dishes' on the worktop!

OTL picked both up and asked us if we wanted some breakfast, wot a silly question!

He put the dishes down and we were both straight in!

Muzzle down and tail up and don't come up for air until it's all gone!

After that, well, what is a doggy to do? Up into the day bed, roll over onto your back and enjoy a well deserved snooze!

Snuggled up in bed!
In the afternoon we went with OTL delivering stuff and finally ended up at the New Park which was great 'cos we haven't been there for a while, well last week anyway!

This time it was not hot and sunny, this time it was wet and cold and even wetter!

OTL put our coats on in the car and then let us out for a run.

We did try to enjoy it, just for OTL's sake but you see, we just don't do rain falling on our tails!

Holly and I had a wee then decided we really didn't want to go galloping all over the place!

So we stopped and looked at OTL and when he looked at us, we looked over our shoulder towards the car. That warm, dry, comfortable car!

Oi! We Don't Do Rain!
It took a couple of stops before OTL got the message and gave in! Back we went, got dried off with our Doggy Towel and sat in front of the car heater and got warm air all over our tails!

Back home for a warm snooze all wrapped up in our blankets, Holly on the sofa and me in my day bed!

See you tomorrow and let's hope the wind and rain goes away!


Daisy & Holly