Sunday, 20 November 2011

Foggy Foggy Day!

Hello my Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

What a surprise this morning, first of all The Missus was up and stomping about at four thirty, woke everyone up and even Old Two Legs was grumbling!

When the sun got up it could not get through the fog and we had to have our walk in the fog. Holly didn't fancy wandering around the fields 'cos she might get lost, so, Holly did what Holly does best, she sat down and refused to go any further!

TM got fed up with trying to get Holly to move, so, agreed to go back, which was what Holly wanted and we pulled TM off to the Football Field where we had a run, did our business and had a game of 'chase' before getting back for breakfast and a brush.

OTL said that we should try some experiments with the camera! Now, we thought it would be crashing about with lights and tripods and flash lights, but no! He got out the tools and drills and bits of sticky silver paper!

Well, after loads of experimenting we finally managed to make a Digital Single Lens Reflex Pin Hole Camera!

Now, this is a bit of a step backwards but OTL reckons it would work!

So here are the results:-

Camera Body Nikon D3 fitted with a Body Cap with 5mm hole drilled in the centre. Then a bit of aluminium paper stick to the inside and a small hole in the aluminium made with a small sewing needle!

10 sec .5mm hole!
We used a desk light to illuminate the batteries and scissors.

25 sec .2mm hole!
This is one of me posing in a way only I know how!

The size of the hole is a guess but is close enough!

So with this success we set off for the Sea Wall together with a tripod, we were off to photograph the Fishermen hunting worms!

We didn't find any fishermen but OTL did stop a couple walking along and told them to stay still while he took the photo!

Watch the Birdy!
Well, that seemed to impress them so we decided that he should take one of us, trouble was, we just couldn't sit still, that was until we saw a dog walking towards us, so we stayed still for a while but in the wrong direction!

Don't move!
OTL thought it would be fun trying the camera just hand held but as he got down on his knees, we thought we heard a rabbit moving in the grass, well, I was off and Holly just watched!

Was that a Rabbit?
I reckon that if he spent long enough messing about with the pinhole he might get it to focus.

We were thankful that he didn't find any fungi!

Mind you when you think about it he may save some money, camera body £3,500.00, lens £1.50 from ebay!

Now, we are off to get some dinner and maybe mug OTL for some shortbread if he gets it out, or maybe he will get the Twiglet bag out!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly