Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday with Old Two Legs

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Today is the 'Crop' that The Missus runs in our local village hall and it is the start of Christmas as far as she is concerned!

She has been making cards for all the members and every one is hand crafted by herself to create an individual card, or as Old Two Legs says, 'Every one has a different mistake!'

We were up early this morning as TM was crashing around in the kitchen and making such a din that no one could sleep!

We even managed to get OTL out of bed early for our morning walk!

It was fun playing 'Chase The Ball' along the sea front and several times the ball bounced onto the beach and guess who had to go and get it!

Me doing the Fetch bit!
Mine you, I get my own back by rushing off into the grass and put it down while I have a chew of some grass, just wind OTL up!

We spotted the Little Egret searching for his breakfast of prawns and mollusc's.

Here Prawny, Prawny!
 We headed back home and got there just in time to see Auntie Sheila and TM drive off to the crop.

After our Lambs Heart breakfast we had a snooze in our day beds while OTL was playing around with the heated towel rail that was not getting as hot as he remembered it should. Not OTL is not a plumber, nor is he a heating engineer, so you can imagine the fun he was having!

He tried 'Bleeding The System' that involved holding a plastic bottle under the vent in the radiator while some air and water came out. Which was OK 'cos the towel rail warmed up but an hour or two after he finished, it started to cool down, so that didn't work!

Next he was in the heating cupboard fiddling around with the controls but that didn't seem to do much for the towel rail either!

I think tomorrow he is going to get the instruction manual out and have a read to find out a cure!

Well, that lot took up to lunch time and to stop him getting frustrated, we decided to go for our lunch time walk.

We noticed the tide was right in, in fact it was so far in that we reckon it must be a Spring Tide and the sea was going under the beach and blowing bubbles in the water at the top of the beach!

Hubble Dubble Boil & Bubble!
 OTL was still as useless at throwing the ball straight, so there I was, on the beach again doing the 'Fetch' bit!

I'm getting fed up with this!
 Holly didn't do any ball chasing 'cos as she says 'She doesn't do balls', so she just wandered along sniffin the sniffs and commenting on how OTL should take lessons in ball tossing!

Even I could do better than him!
 As we got near to the car, we met up with Jack who had found some fox wee he had rolled in and was just getting to the part where he tells us where it is, when his owners called him away!

OK, you need to go past the bench and table and..............
 Looks like we are on our own now, so tomorrow it is 'Hunt the Fox Wee' and hope we find it before OTL works out why we are rolling about on the ground!

It wasn't long before TM returned from her crop and we both gave her a good 'Welcome Home Lick', that is Holly and I did, OTL just carried all her stuff in!

He knows his place!

Now, tonight we have a problem, OTL has got curry for dinner and while we like the Nan Bread, we are not too keen on the curry, mainly because it is a bit spicy on our tongues!

So, that means an all out attack on TM 'cos we know she doesn't like curry, so she may have something we both like!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly