Friday, 22 June 2012

Lupins? Hollyhocks to you!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & WHAaaaaChoooooooo! & Holly back again!

He is still at it, sneezing his head off, scaring all the birds and horses!

You know we didn't see any rabbits this morning, not one, we put the blame on Old Two Legs making too much noise!

It was fun picking The Missus up last night, there we were driving through the country in the dark having to use our noses instead of our eyes to locate where we were!

Mind you, she had a go at Old Two Legs, saying that the flowers he called Lupins were instead Hollyhocks and as Holly said, Hollyhocks to you all!

Hollyhocks to you!
 Poor OTL, now he is completely confused, as normal!

Of course, as we got close to The Boys house we were jumping up and down in the car and getting excited about seeing TM.

We ran into the house and covered her with licks and woofs, Holly was going potty!

This morning just before we went out to The Sea Wall, Holly came running down stairs to TM and gave her another lick, just to make sure she was real!

Out on The Sea Wall we stopped at one of our favourite sniffs, Sniff No.2.

Sniff No.2
It's where most of the dogs have their second wee after getting out of the car!

We have decided that we must get a rabbit soon, I mean, there are enough of them and we have yet to taste what they are like. Well, if Archie can get a lick of a frog, we should be able to get a rabbit!

Mind you, licking a frog won't give you a real taste but rather what the frog has been walking in!

Back to nibbling Archie!

We had some fun this afternoon when we went for our second walk, it started to rain as we were finishing the walk. That was OK but we saw a cat on our way out of the car park.

OTL had to stop at the local supermarket so we thought we had time to chase the cat and get back before OTL realised we were missing!

I have a Cunning Plan!

So, I stood guard at the windscreen while Holly tried to open the door.

OK, the coast is clear!
Trouble with the doors on the car, they are not meant for paws!

Holly said we should try crawling out of the window but I think her tummy would have got in the way!

Locks jammed, how about the window?
Does this mean the cat gets away? Oh No!

Mind you, it was raining rather heavily now, so, as Holly says, at least we're in the dry warm car and she just doesn't fancy wet cat!

I've never liked wet cats!
We got chicken tonight, freshly cooked by TM just for us!

Tomorrow, unless there is something going on OTL has forgotten, we may be going to The Marsh down in Canterbury, so, claws crossed for some sun shine!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly