Monday, 25 February 2013

Cloudy, Cold & Grey, but What The Heck!

Yoo Hoo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

The Weather Man said that it was going to be Cloudy, Cold & Grey today and he wasn't wrong!

We were out this morning along The Sea Wall and I made sure Old Two Legs got a New Ball out of the cupboard before we went out.

I Got it, I Got It!
Even Holly had a go at chasing the ball but was not as fast as me and I got it first every time. That was until OTL decided to cheat and looked like he was going to throw it a long way and instead tossed it just in front of Holly as she ran after me!

Holly kept holding the ball and wouldn't give it back to OTL, that was until she dropped it and it rolled over the Sea Wall and onto the beach. OTL had to go down and pick it up!

OK, you get it then!
 That wasn't so bad, until she did the same thing again but at a point where you couldn't jump down onto the beach. I said that if she didn't get it OTL would think twice about bringing it with him next time!
OK, if he's going to show off, I'll get it!
We had a game with it but in the end gave it back to OTL 'cos if the ball rolled along the Sea Wall it could have gone into the mud and that would mean we could have been in real trouble 'cos no one would want to go in the mud and that means the ball would be lost!

Back home it was a super bowl of Chicken and Biscuits, and the chicken was warm and greasy, just like OTL cooked it last week and he made sure The Missus did like that today!

Snowflake was getting a bit of a strop on today, she woke up and started to scrabble at the cage door, so OTL let her out and she had a great time rushing around the office hiding her squeaky toys all over the place. Then came the time when he needed to put her back into Snowy Heights and she just didn't want to go in.

There was a little struggle and OTL ended up with a couple of puncture marks in his hand!

Before we went out for the lunch time walk, I gave his hand a lick to make it better and to stop him crying!

We had to get a package posted off, so after that we went off to The Forest and had a quick run around there hunting squirrels.

Sniffs like Mole really!
We searched and hunted and sniffed our way all around bushes and trees and found......nothing!

Not even OTL spotted a squirrel, the only thing he saw was a little Wren hopping about the bushes but even that was too fast for him!

We bumped into a 'Scruff Bag' as OTL calls them and we all had a sniff and a chat about the lack of squirrels before going on our way!
Hello Scruffy!
When we got to the end of the walk we heard a mighty great 'Crash' in the woods. I thought that it was a giant squirrel on the rampage but Holly said it looked like a big branch had fallen off one of the trees!

What the Woof was That!
Back home OTL went back to work, we went to sleep and Snowflake didn't wake up! I think she feels a bit guilty about giving OTL a 'Love Bite' this morning!

It looks like it will be the same sort of weather tomorrow, so we will make sure we don't put our coats in the washing machine just yet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake