Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Squirrel Hunt!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We love Mondays, there is always something to do on Monday that you left off doing on Friday!

Now, on Friday we asked Old Two Legs if we can go down The Forest but we got involved with other things, like freezing our tails off in an icy blast down at Riverside or getting cold and wet in the morning!

So, as we didn't get to The Forest on Friday, we'll do it on Monday!

First thing this morning we were down The Sea Wall, as normal, but it was a bit windy and again, a bit cold but not cold enough to have our coats on!

The sun had just got up and there was this golden light shining across from Sheerness Docks!

Morning Glow!
 As the tide was right in we didn't spot and Wormy Men and it was too early for the fishermen, so all we spotted on the beach were a couple of Ringed Plovers having a hunt for their breakfast!

Where's my breakfast?
It was fun watching them, until they spotted us and flew off!

Ringed Plover taking off!
As Holly said, they should have carried on 'cos we have decided that they wouldn't taste of chicken and anyway, they were really too small for anything other than a snack!

Now, had we come across a rabbit, well that would be different! Holly said that she sniffed a rabbit on the way back but it wasn't a fresh sniff!

Rabbit but not recent!
Back home it was Lambs Liver and biscuits followed by a restful snooze to allow it to settle!

Then OTL picked up his car keys and said 'Brrrm Brrrm', that was it, we were at the front door woofing for him to hurry up!

There were squirrels here this morning!
Down in The Forrest Holly was off sniffing for squirrels and soon was pointing us towards the latest sniffs!

This is a fresh sniff, about an hour old!
We had great fun hunting around and following the sniffs.

I think it jumped off here!
Then there was the squirrel that ran around the trees and jumped over the fence, I do hate it when they do that, it's very unsporting to go where I can't get to them!

I HATE It when they do that!
What was most annoying was this squirrel sat half way up the tree and kept up a string of chattering and calling us names!

Come up here and say that!
Holly just blew a big raspberry and wagged her back side at it and ran off searching for more sniffs!

Holly looking for more sniffs!
We carried on and had a super time chasing different sniffs all over the place and finally, we had a good snuffle in the leaves before heading back back to the car and then home to have some dinner, well OTL's anyway!

The Last Sniff of the day!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly