Wednesday, 28 October 2015

We don't do Rain!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

This morning when we got up it was raining, I mean, sloshing it down, filling the pond up a treat but Holly and I had other ideas!

Like, Go Back To Bed!

Old Two Legs got Miss Snowflake all dressed up in her harness, then he found our rain coats on top of Snowflakes cage and came into the bedroom so we could get dressed up.

Holly and I didn't move!

We sort of went all limp and floppy, so it took a bit longer but in the end we both had our rain coats on!

Now, Old Two Legs doesn't normally get us all dressed up unless we are going to get wet and we just don't do wet!

Especially Holly Dog!

So, there is OTL, down at the front door calling Holly and me to go walkies, Holly is tucked up on the bed, not moving a hair!

I got carried down stairs with Snowflake and  got clipped onto the lead. Holly still wasn't moving a hair!

In the end, The Missus went marching up stairs and returned with Holly tucked under her arm!

So, there we were, in the car with the wind shield wipers going slap, slap, and the rain pouring down!

When we got to the car park the rain had stopped but OTL wasn't taking any chances and we were clipped onto our lead and marched off to the beach!

Snowflake got a carry!

Down on the beach there was Mrs Corvid picking up a cockle, flying up in the air and dropping it onto the concrete to break it open so she could eat it. Holly had the pickle in her and chased down the beach pretending she was going to pinch the cockle!

Here comes Holly!
Of course, half way there Mrs Corvid has finished the cockle and has taken off searching for another one! 

Beat Yah! I Beat Yah!
Holly pretended she didn't care but just for once she would have liked to give Mrs Corvid's tail a nibble!
That sorted her out!
OTL had to go out to work, so we didn't hang about too long and pretty soon we were back in the car and heading home to a big bowl of Doggy Scoff, YUK!

Lunchtime came and OTL had got home just in time to take us out again. May and April were a bit snoozy but they had sort of woken up by the time we all got down to the beach.

The sun had come out and it wasn't cold at all, in fact I even considered going in for a swim.

Shall I or Shall I not?
It was OTL who decided and told me 'NO!' just 'cos he didn't want to spend ages drying me off when we got back to the car!

Both ferrets looked at the water then rushed up the beach having decided that a swim was definitely not an option!

I don't care if it is warm, she's on her own!
After a run along the beach Miss May tried to get OTL to give her a carry back to the car but that was never going to work, let's face it, she needs the exercise!

Go on, I even give you a Licky Kiss on your ear!
OTL said that while May was a super little ferret, he was still keeping her away from his soft bits, like ears and nose, although she has given him a Licky Kiss on his cheek!

When you think back to Miss Snowflake when she first arrived, she was almost eating OTL at every opportunity until she worked out that he wasn't going to harm her and he had treats such as Ferretone!

Nowadays she climbs up onto his shoulders, licks his ear and has a cuddle under his chin!

So, there is hope yet for May and April and they are learning now that they shouldn't bite too hard when they are playing with OTL!

We are off to see if the Doggy Scoff has changed into something edible!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.