Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sun Shine and Sand and Digging with Ferrets!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here!

What a super day today, loads of sun and some balmy breezes and holes to dig and I show off my latest Pilates position!

First thing this morning Old Two Legs enjoyed his breakfast with Snowflake and Brambles, as normal and he also put a bowl of milk in for May and April.

As soon as they had slurped the milk down, Brambles and Snowflake then set about winding up April and May by climbing on top of the cage and telling April and May that they were highly trained ferrets from the SFS! (Special Ferret Service)!

Getting ready to Abseil down the wall!
OTL told them off and they were put into the 'Traveling Box' and had to wait even longer before they went out for their walk!

Down on the beach Holly and I had a great time digging holes and at one point I was so busy selecting a hole digging spot that I didn't see Young Dave creep up behind me!

Young Dave creeping up on me!
Holly was showing off by running up and down the beach and getting up such a speed that at times she was flying!

Holly Dog coming into land!
 While Holly was tearing up and down the beach I was doing the latest Pilates Position. This is called 'The Nose Stretch'. It took me a while to get the balance just right 'cos Holly was putting me off by woofing and running past me!

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Level Nose, Level Thoughts!
 After a while Holly and I returned to digging holes and Brambles tried to muscle in but we weren't letting him share our hole!

Back home we had Lambs Heart and crashed out on the sofa while OTL did the ferret cage and the ferrets took turns in 'Rampaging' around the house!

April and May played their game of 'Hide The Biscuit' but this time they were pinching dog biscuits from the the pile they had built up over the last few days!

Lunchtime it was The Page 3 Girls turn to go out and have a walk along the beach.

The tide was coming in but it wouldn't be deep enough to swim in for at least thirty minutes, so Holly and I set about the holes we started this morning.

Young April wanted to join in the fun but we were not having any of that and told her to Woof Off!

No you can't! Go and play with OTL!
She soon got the message 'cos she ran over to OTL and told him what we had said!

Daddy, they won't let me play with them!
Both ferrets went off to tell OTL and ask to have a cuddle!

Daddy, we need  cuddles!
OTL picked them up but it wasn't long before they were scrabbling to get down so they could have a ferret around in the long grass where there loads of 'ferret sniffs'!

OTL got a telephone call to say that the second bit of the new cage will take about ten days to deliver and it is coming all the way from Italy which OTL says is a long way away!

We have not decided yet what to call the new cage so we are looking for suggestions.

Brambles has suggested we call it Azkaban and should surround it with Floaty Guards to keep the girls under control!

See you all tomorrow!


 Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.