Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter? What Winter?

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again!

What an evening we had, first of all The Missus was out for the evening giving a Master Class in rolling around with ink, she calls it Brayering.

We thought that was the noise that a Donkey made if you trod on its hoof!

While she was out, Old Two Legs had the TV to himself, so he watched a program all about Saxon Gold while Holly and I had a snooze.

I got a fit of the sneezes and Holly got all worried and thought I was being attacked or something, so to help get rid of the sneezes, she woofed and growled and attacked me! OTL sorted her out but she got all worried and didn't know what was happening!

All this goings on meant that we didn't get to bed until late, almost midnight, so guess what, yep, over sleep this morning! You know it was nearly ten before we stumbled out of the front door!

The Sea Wall was pretty clear of dogs and people, so we had the place to ourselves. Holly wanted to know what the bird was on the wooden post and why it didn't have a head!

I said it was the 'Headless Cormorant' who haunted the Sea Wall and likes to eat puppies!

The Headless Cormorant!
Holly said I was talking through my tail, as normal, and I called her a 'Bimbo', and that's when the fight started!

We only stopped when a Little Egret flew overhead and heard OTL rattling off a few photos, the camera sounds a machine gun when he gets too excited!

That Egret Again!
OTL pointed out a container ship coming into the Sheerness Docks and he said that the small boat behind it was the Pilot Boat and The Pilot was the man who showed the ship how to get into the docks without bumping into anything!

Holly said it looked like a sea going sheep dog!

Sea Sheep Dog Pilot Thingy Wossit Chasing The Ship!
Talking of dogs, we were walking back towards the car when we saw a dog in the distance. Holly and I took up our 'Big Bold Doggy' stance and gave him he 'Hairy Eyeball'!

Holly said that it was a little dog so we could sort him out with no trouble but, as it got closer it got bigger and it got Bigger and then it got VERY BIG!

That was it, I was off and around the back of OTL while Holly stood there and just said 'Hello'!

Well, he don't look that big!
We went for our 'Late Afternoon Walk' over the New Park 'cos OTL had to take some stuff down to the carriers. By the time we got there it was dark, like black! So we had a chance to try our new flashing LED collars!

Did we look cool or wot! OTL has promised to have a go at taking some photos of us at night with them flashing!

After we got back home, there was Lambs Heart for dinner, my poor old tummy was just full to the brim!

It was as much as I could do to stay awake to mug OTL, but in the end I just had to give in and have an 'After Dinner Snooze'

Snoozing as done by an Expert!
So it's bye bye for now and we are with TM all day tomorrow as OTL is off out doing something or other where doggies aren't allowed!

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly