Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snowflake starts 'Bonding' with OTL's Sneakers!

Yo Hoo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here with you!

The weather has been a bit 'Grotty' today but it hasn't stopped us from going out for our walks, this mornings was a bit drafty but at least it didn't rain, that came later!

There were some interesting sniffs and one in particular, we spent a good five minutes enjoying that one. Holly reckons it was definitely a Feb 2013 with a hint of Jan 2013 mixed with hint of Sept 2012!

She has got a better nose than I have when it comes to sniffs like this!  

Mmmm and a hint of Smokey Bacon on Toast!
 While we were sniffin a Sea Gull passed by and called out 'Hello Four Legs!'

 Back home to a brush and some Doggy Scoff, but this was some different scoff, strange sniffin but we decided to leave it until a bit later, just in case!

We went up into the office and found Snowflake messing about on the desk top. She had found Old Two Legs mug he had left. She had a sniff and decided she liked the taste of sugar at the bottom, so in she went and licked it up, until OTL caught her and took the mug away! Not before Holly had left some graffiti on the mug!

Why is everyone laughing, I think it tastes OK?
Then she went off checking everything else out. First of all there was OTL's new computer, small but perfectly formed, just like Snowflake!

Mmm This is New!
Then she went on a 'Full Scale Investigation' which means every part of the room must be sniffed and sorted! She even had a sniff of the fresh air and of course when she did that OTL thought she wanted a run out in the garden!

Mmm, fresh air, Yuk!
Well that will teach her! OTL gave her a slurp of the Amber Nectar (Ferretone) and while she was away in Cloud Cuckoo Land, he slipped on the harness all ready for her!

Down we all went to the garden and when OTL put her down on the ground she went wobbly!

You could see she was having a bit of a panic, all this fresh air and space and wet and cold and damp and old spiders web and mud and please take me back in OTL!  NOW!

We were inside looking out the window!

So, after a little while OTL picked her up and brought her back inside, her heart was beating away much faster than normal, so OTL decided that she was in need of a calming slurp!

After that Snowflake got back to investigating the 'Inside World'!

'ere, Wot's this sniff?
 First of all she found OTL's sneakers, not the best sniff we have every sniffed, but you can't tell a ferret what not to sniff!

It gets worse down the bottom!
So down she went and got close to what Holly and I call 'The Death Zone'. That's the part where you need oxygen to survive, it's a bit like climbing Everest!

Well, the further in she went the more trouble she got into and before you know it, she had rolled over onto her back with her rear paws in the air!


Holly and I laughed, OTL had to drag her out and it must have taken a good three minutes before her eyes stopped rolling around her head!

These can be lethal!
 It was then that she went back to hiding her toys!

In you come Squeaky!

 After lunch OTL decided to get some petrol and off we went but the local garage was charging too much for petrol, so we went into town and saved a whole 4p a litre!

Of course, we jumped up and down to go to The Forrest, we hadn't been there for ages and demanded a visit!

Really we shouldn't have bothered. It started to rain, big drops of rain, the ground was knee deep in mud and there was even mud on top of the mud that was on the muddy path!

Holly had to be put on the lead so that OTL could make sure she didn't run back to the car!

Whose stupid idea was this?
 We even saw a massive great branch that had fallen off one of the trees, Holly reckons that it must have made a mighty crash when it landed!

That's a BIG branch!
When we got back to the car Holly showed off by sitting on the parcel shelf  and grumbling about her wet tummy!

I'm wet, my Tummy's wet, my Tails wet, I'm wet all over!
 I must admit, I thought that Holly might have a point and I even said so to OTL!

I'm a bit wet as well!
Back home we both had a wash and dry with a clean towel, then into our day beds for an after noon snooze before dinner!

All in all, a fun Sunday and we're looking forward to a cuddle tonight while OTL finises off the last of the Shortbread. (I had a nibble last night when Holly wasn't looking!)

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!