Tuesday, 30 May 2023

A New Moth?

Hi Woofers,

Daisy here.

Good fun today, Old Two Legs has been searching the Internetty and his reference books trying to identify a moth that we found in the moth trap this morning.

Trouble with moths is that there are two types of moths, like one is big and coloured but the other type all look the same, brown and indistinct.

It seems that we get the second type in our garden which has OTL banging his head on the office wall!

After extensive study we reckon this is The Uncertain!

Mind you, it is well named 'cos we are just as Uncertain ourselves!

I hung around waiting for Devo but he didn't turn up, maybe he stayed in bed cos it was very windy along the sea wall.

No Devo, let's get on home to the warm!

Lunchtime we walked all the way through the forest and along the Puma Path but when we entered the forest the sign said Puma Path but there are so many paths when we came out it was miles away from the Puma Path!

Is it this way?

Mind you, we came across these flowers in a spot where the wind wasn't blowing.

Looks like it is poking its tongue out on the bottom green buds!

It was just the same with this one as well, we have never noticed this before, must get a closer look tomorrow!


 OTL reckons that after a bee has been in and pollenated the flower, the 'Bell' drops off leaving the green buds to grow into seed pods.

Well, that’s just as good a reason as any!

We have all been lazy today, it's all this getting back to work that wears you out!

See you tomorrow.