Thursday 29 February 2024

And F1 Racing as well!

Hello Woofers!

Guess who?

Yep, it's me again.

I woke OTL up good and early so we could get a good view of the sunrise but OTL being OTL, we got out late!

We got a couple of shots but not the deep red sunrise we wanted!

Well, there was yellow and brown and a blast of bright light!

Walking along the top path we hung around long enough to get a sunrise but nothing changed, we were stuck with a lacklustre sunrise.

Well, nothing changed so we headed off looking for new sniffs. We also got a sniff of Devo and Zoro but the sniffs were old and they were home long before we arrived. I'll have to get OTL up earlier if I'm going to catch my mates!

Today we have been watching the F1 Racing, well, not the race but instead the practice and just for a change Hamilton came in first!

It does make a change!

The race starts on Saturday and we are looking forward to watching that seeing that TM is off up the hall with all her mates.

See you tomorrow.



Wednesday 28 February 2024

Flowers as well!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy here.

Finally the wind has dropped and the temperature has climbed up to almost acceptable!

It was a strange view across the river Medway, loads of light but no sunshine!

 Then OTL took the filter off the lens and suddenly it all burst into life!

Bright but we prefer the first one, even if it shows me having a sniff!!

I met up with a woofer we see once in a blue moon. Normally we see him as we pass through a village called Middle Stoke but once in a while, we see him in and around Grain.

We got in touch with the fence man and he is coming to sort the fence on Saturday. Of course, The Missus will be up the village hall so it's up to OTL to sort it all out!

The flowers in the pots are now blooming and they are looking rather pretty.

 Bye for now.