Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday's Fun!

Hi Woofers!

We are here again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night was horrid! We had those nasty Whizz Bangs all evening and Holly was getting upset. Not as bad as other years but she got worried. In fact, she was so wound up that she wanted to go to bed, but she wanted Old Two Legs to go to bed as well so she could have a cuddle!

So, at nine we tramped off up to bed and Holly cuddled up to OTL on the bed and I cuddled up to Holly and she said she felt safer and even went to sleep, for a couple of hours.

It was at eleven thirty that she decided she needed a wee, so OTL got the 'I Wanna Wee Woof' and down we went into the garden. By then all the Whizz Bangs had stopped so we could have a wee without being scared!

Back up to bed and off to sleep!

In the morning, OTL got up and went for a paddle around the office. He has put the drag on the rowing machine up another notch so that made him puff a bit more! He was down to the last fifty strokes when Holly and I burst into the office and we gave him a big 'Good Morning' lick. It was part 'Thank you for looking after us last night' and the other bit was 'Slow Down before you have a heart attack'!

He was plonking away like a demented Two Legs on Hyper Juice!

Still, he got to the magic one thousand strokes mark and then did a few more just to slow down but the sweat was dripping off the end of his nose!

Yuk! Not a pretty sight!

Mr Brambles had the last of his medicine and a slurp of milk then went back to bed.

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp, Slurp!

Snowflake finished off her milk then got her harness on and soon we were all heading to the Sea Wall.

 As normal, OTL had to carry her to the beach, you know she really is a lazy ferret first thing in the morning and she certainly doesn't like the cold, drafty mornings!

This wind goes right through you!

 Holly and I were having a run on the Sea Wall and a couple of little Bozo's came down the path. We went into our 'Hello' woofs and ran towards them. They were both on a lead and we thought they would be let off but the owner stopped and told us to go away!

OTL asked what the problem was and the owner thought we were going to attack the woofers! Us! Attack!

That was it, they went off up the other path and we went back to Snowflake who was having a sniff on the beach!

Didn't wanna play with them anyway!
Snowflake had found that log again and was doing some serious sniffin', so we decided that we would join her and see what tales the sniffs would tell us!

This end has been wee'd on!
 It was good sharing sniffs with Snowflake 'cos she could sniff stuff that we would have missed and we could sniff stuff she just dismissed as sea weed!

........ and over here is where it crawled away!
She has a good nose for small sniffs but I still don't trust her when she gets too close, 'cos she is just as likely to give us a nip just for fun!

Back home it was Lambs Heart for breakfast, the stuff OTL froze when he did the batch cooking. Even though it was warmed up in the microwave, it didn't taste as good as 'Fresh from the Pan', if you know what I mean!

The morning was spent having a snooze on the bed and chewing a 'Teeth Cleaning Chew' which is OK, but I couldn't eat two of them!

Lunch time was a little late 'cos OTL had to visit the dentist for a check up and although they made him pay out loads of money, it was only for a check up and the cost of the X-Ray photo which OTL says is sort of like Infrared photo of the inside of your teeth!

What ever turns you on!

Down on the beach the tide was right in and further up the beach than normal, Holly says it could be a 'Spring Tide' which means it comes further up the beach!

Spring Tide?
 If you turned around and looked to other way, all of the breakwaters were below the water. So, we reckon that Holly is right and it is a Spring Tide today.

Not a Break Water in sight!
We had a look at the Tide Tables when we got back and can confirm that it is a 6.1m tide, so that makes it a Spring Tide, so there!

I was planning on going for a swim but OTL said it was not a good idea and for me to keep my paws on dry land.

Dry Land? It's raining, the land is wet!

Back home to a snooze again and then some mugging tonight!

Let's keep our claws crossed for Cocoa and her wart removal next week, it doesn't sound like a big one but if you need a Skinny Vest to wear, then Mr Brambles has got one here she can have!

Mr Brambles is back to the vet on Monday for a check and says that he will put in a good word for Cocoa and get it passed down the line!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Getting Better all the time!)