Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Birthday Missus!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Well, we woke up really early this morning and sang our 'Happy Birthday' song to The Missus who was up early as well!

She was looking at all the messages that were coming through on FaceAche saying Happy Birthday!

The only down thing was , 'It's Raining'!

Now, as you know, Holly just doesn't do wet, in any form! So, when OTL helped us put on our rain coats we were expecting howling gales and floods everywhere!

When we got down to the beach the rain had eased off but hadn't stopped, so Holly was still showing off 'cos she doesn't like rain drops on her nose!

It's still raining!
Down on the beach both ferrets were running around the rocks investigating the hiding holes of the 'Big Slimy Monster'!

Here! This tastes all salty!
We didn't hang about too much and were glad to get back home to a nice warm cushion and a snooze.

The ferrets were having fun rampaging around the house playing 'It', you know, one would chase the other until they managed to grab them and call out 'You're It'!

Snowflake is very good at it but Mr Brambles is sneaky 'cos he hides behind the cupboard and jumps out and grabs Snowflake as she goes past!

Gotcha! Now You're It!
Old Two Legs and The Missus had to go out delivering stuff and then up to the Craft Shop for TM!

We headed out at lunchtime and this time OTL took his B&W camera with the Yellow Filter 'cos the sky and clouds looked quite dramatic.

Looking over towards Southend on Sea the clouds were super but the sniff of Kebab and Chips made us hungry!

Southend & Kebab!
We headed off and Holly was wondering if they had any Kebab Shops in the village!

I just fancy a chew of a Kebab!
OTL spotted some foot prints in the mud, going out from the beach where the Wormy Man had wandered out with his Fork and Bucket.

We couldn't see any foot prints of him coming back!

Where's the Wormy Man?
Holly pointed out some tracks over to the right and we decided not to mount a search!

Instead, we headed off to the Rabbit Hunting Ground and shouted down the hole for them to come out, but they didn't!

There's no one home!
Back home OTL had got another order come in and he spent the afternoon 'Manufacturing'!

The sun came out and the rain headed off and we went to inspect the Frog Spawn. Nothing new, the little frogs were still growing but hadn't got to 'Tadpole' stage yet!

TM is off tomorrow to a weekend of Crafting and Glue, so she should be having a good time while we make a mess on the sofa eating nibbles and chews!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.