Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Who's a Pongy Puppy?

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a change there has been this morning! We woke up expecting warm balmy breezes and loads of sun shine, but in stead it was Cold, Windy, Cloudy and Sunless!

Not ideal for the ferrets to go walking in!

Mind you, Miss Snowflake climbed out of the Ferret Bag and onto Old Two Legs arm expecting all that warm stuff and got the shock of her life, cold wind!

It wasn't much better down on the beach but the wind did help to get the ferrets to 'Get a Move On' back to the car!

Miss Snowflake did her 'Pick Me Up Daddy' bit but OTL said she needed some fresh air!

Pleeeese Pick Me Up Daddy!
Not getting her own way she headed off to the sea weed where Mr Brambles said he had found an interesting sniff!

Well, it certainly has a Pong about it!
 I could even sniff it on the wind and when I put my nose towards the sand it was even stronger. I gave Holly a woof and we both followed it to a pipe that was sticking out of the sea wall!

Mmmmm, It's strong here as well!
 We told OTL and he suggested we all keep away from it, just in case it was something that would give us all upset tummies!

It even goes all the way down here as well!
While we were waiting for the ferrets to catch up, I got the sniff of something in the grass that just called out to me and said 'ROLL IN MEEEEE!'

Well, what could a little puppy do?

I had a roll, and another roll, and just to finish it off, I had another roll!

That's when OTL saw me and called me a 'Smelly Nellie' and a 'Pongy Puppy' and when we got home, guess who ended up getting washed from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose and everything in between?

The Missus came back from her shopping trip and announced that she  had found a source for Ox Heart which the butcher said was better as there wasn't anywhere near the amount of fat on the heart as there was on the Lambs Heart!

So, there are plans to try some, even though we do love the fatty bits 'cos they are tasty and slip down a treat!

Auntie Angela turned up to play Splosh the Glue Pot with TM, you could hear them giggling their heads off as the glitter pot was flying all over the place

They do make such a mess everywhere, us doggies dare not sit down anywhere near then 'cos we would end up with sparkles all over our butts!

OTL was sneaky, he managed to mug a cream filled apple turnover and didn't even share it with us!

Lunchtime walk was a little 'Fresh' 'cos the wind was coming in off the sea and when those easterlies blow they can certainly blow your tail about!

To keep warm, Holly and I went Rabbit Hunting but only OTL saw any rabbits and by the time we were on it's scent the rabbit was twenty foot underground and enjoying a carrot salad!

Hunting Rabbit!
Mind you, it was fun running and jumping and pretending we were chasing the rabbit home!

Down on the beach there was a great big lump of wood that must have fallen off a pier or something and as Holly said, 'It wasn't here this morning!'

We had a sniff around but there was nothing too exciting about it so we left it to float away on the next tide!

Sniffy, but nothing interesting!
 Back home the ferrets wanted to come out to play so OTL shut the office door and they went on a 'Ferret Rampage' around the office chasing the squeaky balls and climbing inside my sleeping cushion!

After a hunt through the adventure playground and the camera stuff and behind Snowy Heights and climbing up on top of Snowy Heights, they decided to go back to sleep again!

Not sure what OTL has for diner tonight, let's hope it's 'Mugable', if not then we shall rob him of some shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles