Friday, 18 October 2013

Important Information to all Woofers!

Hi Folks!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a morning!

We were out good and early this morning 'cos Old Two Legs has loads of paperwork to do today, something about the VAT Quarter!

We looked out the window and saw it was all misty, I mean more like fog than mist but we know it wasn't real fog, it just looked like it!

There were spiders webs all over the place hung with water droplets from the mist and the grass was soaking wet!

We were diving in and out of the grass looking for rabbits and Mr Brambles was doing the same but he could only go as far as the lead would let him, which wasn't very far!

OTL put Snowflake down on the path so she could have a wee in the grass instead of wee'ing all over OTL's expensive coat!

Mind you, once she had wee'ed, she was back to OTL, scrambling up his leg to get back to the warm spot in the crook of his arm!

There she stayed until we all arrived at the beach and then we all had a good time digging holes and chasing each other, except OTL, he didn't dig any holes but he did chase us all!

Back home we all got a second rub down with our towels, including the ferrets and went off to breakfast, Chicken & Biscuits!

It was afterwards that we all got together in OTL's office waiting for our midday walk, that is after our morning snooze to get over the breakfast.

Holly started it off by saying that not everyone could be a Bozo. Mr Brambles asked her to explain.

Well, says Holly, taking a deep breath, to add effect and show that she was going to say a very long sentence!

'There are many Two Legs we meet and there are loads of dogs we meet and loads of Two Legs and loads of dogs that read our little blog and I was thinking that some are Real Bozo's and some are Real Dopey Bozo's and some are not really Bozo's at all but act a bit 'Bozo' just for fun.'

I told you it was going to be a long sentence!

Mmmm, we all said in unison, and your point is? 'What we should do is to arrange these Bozo' into some sort of order.'

Mmmm, we all said together, and what do you propose? Holly took another deep breath, this one is for effect rather than a long sentence.

'First of all, any Woofer who is a Follower of our blog can't, at any time, be a real Bozo. They can act like a Bozo if they want to have some fun but they are not 'Real Bozo's'

'Hang on,' says Mr Brambles, 'I hear no mention of Ferrets in your proposal!'

'Patience,' says Holly, 'I have yet to arrive at the sub species of Woofer yet'

'We are not a Sub Species' says Mr Brambles, we are FERRETS and sometimes we like to play Bozo's for fun!

'OK', says Holly, getting a bit flustered! 'All Followers and OTL and The Missus and ferrets, are not Bozo's

Snowflake said that OTL was only a Bozo when he was paddling that machine around the office first thing in the morning. I mentioned that he acts like a Bozo by calling and whistling when we were stalking rabbits and Mr Brambles said that he liked a cuddle with OTL before going to bed at night 'cos he got some Ferretone as well and no one who gives out Ferretone could be a Bozo in his eyes!

We agreed on that point, however, I pointed out that TM acts like a real Bozo when she get going on her cards, all that Splodging an Splatting and Whacking and Scrunching and Distressing and that's before she gets to the Glitter and Glue!

'Well, again' says Holly, 'TM will have to be a special exception as well!

So, there are no Bozo's on this blog except OTL and he has immunity 'cos he is OTL!

After that we went out for our lunch time walk and walked into a big Bozo Labrador!

You are and Official Bozo!
 It didn't help having Holly stand behind me calling out, Bozo! Bozo! Bozo! Bozo! Bozo!

We also spotted the Winter Wheatear, this is the one that turns up each winter with a couple of his mates!

I'm not a Bozo, I'm a Wheatear!
As the tide was in there was the normal gang of fishermen scattered along the Sea Wall  and Holly was doing her normal 'Inspections!

I've told you before, No Sandwiches, No Strokes!
 We thought we had lost OTL at one time and it was only me standing on my back legs that helped spot him.

Yep! There he was taking pictures of a Fungi, again!

We've seen it before but can't remember it's name!
So, there we are, a fun day out with OTL and a momentous decision that none of us are Bozo's, except OTL, but he has immunity!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!