Saturday, 29 October 2011

F1 and a Cloudy Saturday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We have been a pair of lazy puppies today, up late 'cos we felt like it and Old Two Legs was still snoring when The Missus dragged us off the bed to go for a walk!

We were soon back and up stairs with OTL finishing off our 'after get up snooze', OTL was having one as well! It was either that or he was watching the F1 Qualifying with his feet up on the desk top!

A mid morning snooze got us set up for a walk down the New Park 'cos we wanted to see the Not Not's again, but OTL said we must not upset them 'cos one day they may jump over the fence and tell us off! 

Haa! Do you think we were scared of those woolly jumpers? Not us!

We asked a passing dog if he had seen the Not Not's and he said that they were down the other end of the field.

Seen any Not Not's?
Off we went at a gallop down the field but they were not there!

Looking for a Not Not.
Sneaky Not Not had gone back home for their afternoon tea!

Next we got to the Swimming Hole were we had our ' Last Swim of the Year'

Last swim of 2011!
As we were finishing, a doggy got dragged down to the waters edge and was given a good wash down, he said he had just had a super roll in some fox poo and had got caught!

Poor lad!

Leave a little poo, just for old times sake!
OTL took another picture of some leaves and The Watchers.

Spot The Watchers!
We played 'chase' with the ball again and landed up at a gate where we cold see some 'Greasy Badgers' but these were made of wood and were in fact play toys for the children!

Look! A Badger!
It wasn't long before we got home where TM had done us some chicken and biscuits!

All we need to do now is mug OTL for some shortbead and it will have been the perfect day!

Up early tomorrow, F1 from India and OTL has some gardening to do.

We may help him by digging some holes in the front garden!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly