Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's a Lost Dog Day!

Hello Everyone,

What a great sunny day it is here, almost a real Balmy Spring Day, just right for a 'Spring Dig'.

We got back from our morning walk to be greeted by a super breakfast of minced lamb and rice with a little grated carrot on the top!

OK Sister, deep breath, tails up and muzzles in!

After a brilliant breakfast like that we were just deciding on what to do next when we heard a ring on the front door bell.

There was a lady standing there with a Yorkshire Terrier/Bichon Frise cross  in her arms. 'Is this your dog?' she said to The Missus, 'cos I found it wandering outside your door.'

Not ours, but I'll phone the owner says TM all motherly like and took the dog up to see Old Two Legs who was hard at work in the office.

Well, that was it, I don't mind lost dogs, but lost dogs sitting on OTL's lap where me or Holly should be, that was just too much. I sat in my day bed and looked at this dog, giving him the old 'Hairy Eyeball' look and then I 'Grumbled'.

It was a special sort of low down Doggy Grumble that went like this,

'JustwadderyerthinkyerdoingsittinonmyOTLlapwhere Ishouldbeanstopgrinninglikethatoryourgetapawinyerearforyertroubles'

A traditional Doggy warning grumble, 'without prejudice'!

Holly was around the back having a sniff of his tail so that she would know him next time!

It was not long before his owner came knocking on the door, it seems that 'Teddy' had escaped from the house some how and they did not even know he was gone!

All's well now, he's gone and we have been out in the garden for our first real Spring Dig, trouble was, TM caught us before we dug up too many daffodils, just because I had earth all around my muzzle, doesn't mean it was all me, Holly did some of it!

We went over to meet The Boys from school in the afternoon, it was good to see them again and we had fun trying to teach TM some doggy songs on the way back.

She is not very good at singing in 'Doggy'!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly