Friday, 4 March 2011

Late Birthday Present

Hi All!

D&H back again.

A big welcome to Granny Darley who has joined our merry little band.

Now I must tell you how hard we've been working today.

First of all we went into Guard Dog mode early this morning when Old Two Legs let us out into the garden.  We just got out of the kitchen door when we spotted 'Hissin Chrissy' that bad tempered cat from up the road.

Off we went after her, woofing and howling and snarling. Chrissy just shot over the fence in a full panic and we could hear her hissing and spitting on the other side of the fence, so that means more howling and snarling and woofing from us.

What a way to start the day, it was GREAT!!

The postman arrived with a box for OTL and we kept close to him when he opened it, 'cos we could smell the honey comb! A late birthday present from Number Two Daughter, she has been waiting since Christmas for the shop to get new stock. We will try the mugging bit tonight if he opens the pack!

We went out with OTL down to the Riverside Park, super fun chasing the gulls and woofing at the other dogs!

Running through Riverside Park
We chased each other all the way around the park, up and down the beach and we even stayed out of the mud, just for OTL!

Staying out of the mud for OTL
After the walk, I got back in the car, but Holly decided she still wanted a walk and was not prepared to get back in yet. So, she led OTL all over the car park, around the buildings and nearly got into the children's playground, the one with the swings and stuff!

Finally she got back into the car, laughing all over her face and OTL called her a Horrid Holly, which was fun 'cos we had just been around a bit of the park that is called Horrid Hill!

On our way home we were making up songs about Horrid Holly and car parks, OTL joined in with chorus but he got it wrong in the middle and Holly and me had to stop singing because we were laughing so much!

The breakfast has gone back to Doggy Food, and, it was still there at lunch time!

I expect someone will report The Missus to the RSPCD (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Doggies'!

We're going into 'Starving Puppy' mode now with fainting attacks brought on by malnutrition.

Trouble is, I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up until tomorrow!

I'll let you know what happens.

Bye Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly