Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a terrible wet day it has been today. It started off first thing this morning. Down we went with The Missus for our early morning wee in the garden and as soon as she opened the door I stuck my nose and two front paws outside.


It was raining, so, I stopped and was trying to decide if I wanted to go and further.

Walking behind me was Holly, still half asleep, her eyes closed and just following me. Trouble was, she didn't see me stop and she kept walking, well, ambling really!

She finally stopped when her nose met the bit of me where my tail joins my body! Hurumph! She went and barged past me grumbling. Some thing about stopping too quickly and having no brake lights if you please!

When she got outside she also suddenly stopped, went 'Hurumph!' again, turned around and came back into the kitchen.

We don't do rain!

Well, that was it, back to cuddle OTL and wait for the rain to stop! That was the idea until OTL called us for a walk and using the car, off we went to the Sea Wall!

The long and short of it all was, we got soaking wet, from the tip of our nose to the end of our tails! It was a good job OTL had one of our special doggy towels in the car, even so, we still needed a final rub down when we got back home. That was just before our Chicken and Biscuit Breakfast, followed by our normal 'After Breakfast Snoozette'!

Lunch time was fun, OTL tried to sneak out without telling us, just how silly can he be! We are Guard Dogs and that is guarding against anyone getting in AND anyone getting out without permission!

Off we went and landed in the New Park again, having a run around the back of the trees plus staying away from B B Badgers Hole!

No Badgers Here!
We stopped by the Training Area and blew some raspberries at a couple of dogs who were being taught to 'Sit'. Holly can do a really big raspberry when she wants and she did one today!

Both of the dogs went potty and were woofing at us but as they couldn't get over the fence, we felt safe, so we blew some more raspberries.

Their owner came over and asked OTL if he would take us away 'cos we were upsetting their dogs!

OTL said they were a couple of big soppy dogs and we should leave them alone, so we trotted off, around the corner and from behind the bush we did our really BIG WOOF and blew some more raspberries, then ran away to OTL like we knew nothing of what just happened!

On our way back to the car, I didn't feel like running through the wet grass, so I stood on top of the stone circle while Holly and OTL went to open up the car.

OTL looked back at me and called me, then he whistled for me to come.

None of which I took any notice of at all!

So OTL had to walk back and sat down next to me and asked what I wanted?

I climbed onto his lap and said 'Carry Me' and he did, on his shoulder, all the way back to the car!

It's not often you get to see the New Park from that height, unless your OTL!

This evening we have got chicken again, so we're looking forward to that and maybe we will get to mug OTL for a bit of his dinner, if we're lucky!

Also, we get to open the first door of our Advent Calendar, it was a Chocy Doggy Biscuit!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly