Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Own Up!

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Now, sit still and pay attention, someone has nicked the sun shine!

I want who ever it was to put it back, today, or Holly and me are going to do some serious investigations!

You think the Murdoch's had it tough, just wait till we start, and it will be no shaving foam with us!

We got up this morning, and went out to the garden for an early morning dip in the pool and the sun had gone! Holly swore she scared a couple of Penguins out of the pool before I got there, it was that cold!

We had to miss out on our morning swim!

Worse still, The Missus had emptied the pool and stored it behind the shed! All there was left was a big damp patch where it had been!

We had to spend all morning sleeping either in our 'day bed' or on Old Two Legs bed, such hard work!

Lunch time and we went for a walk with OTL along the Sea Wall, chasing the ball and woofing at the sea birds!

After a spot of lunch, chicken strips, we set off to collect The Boys from school. It was good to see them again and we had a good game when we got back to the house, chasing around the garden and woofing at the boys and chasing around the kitchen and back out into the garden again!

This evening we helped OTL have a nibble of shortbread while he sampled the malt whisky, he does love his whisky you know!

When it was time to go out for a we before going to bed, it was pouring down again, so out we went, turned around and went back in side in double quick time!

We've got to get up early tomorrow 'cos the small car has to go in for it's yearly service and MOT. So, early to bed for us all.

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly