Sunday, 30 September 2012

A relaxing Day 'cos we Need IT!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We are still trying to get over yesterday on the beach. You know, running over those pebbles and on the sand can make you so tired!

We fell asleep almost as soon as we got in, well Holly did and I had to do my blog before retiring to bed!

I didn't know it, but Holly fell asleep on the sofa and Old Two Legs had to pick her up and put her to bed!

You know, she was that exhausted she didn't even wake up!

This morning we were both still snoozing while OTL got up, showered, dressed and ready for a walk!

It was an effort to get up!

Down on The Sea Wall, we spotted a Black Headed Gull having a paddle in the pools and just for a change, it wasn't shouting it's head off!

Having a Paddle.
Then we saw the reason, it was a Little Egret having a search around the pool as well, searching for food, so if the Gull started shouting it had found food, the first bird to arrive would be the Egret!

Keep Quiet, Stranger in the pool!

Holly wanted to know why there were reeds growing on the path 'cos she reckons that reeds should grow in wet boggy places.

Then OTL pointed out the line of drain covers coming down the hill and under the reeds.

Mmm, maybe we have a leaky water pipe says Holly!

Reeds on the path with their roots in a pipe!

Back home for an 'After walk Snooze' while OTL was messing about in the garden dis-assembling the mast he took down.

A lot of the bolts were all rusted up, so he got out his trusty 'Bolt Cutter' and chopped all the bits off!

Now we have a pile of bits awaiting the next scrap metal man to arrive in out road!

Lunch time down The Sea Wall, we saw a couple of those water Skate Board Thingy Wottsits racing across the water, Holly says she would like to have a go on one of those one day but it will have to be a warm day and the water must be calm!

Holly's Dream Trip!
A bit further along we spotted a young Two Legs playing on the Sea Wall, Holly said that we should keep an eye out 'cos he may fall in and if we rescued him he would be so grateful we would get first pick of his Sandwich Tin!

How big is his Sandwich Tin?
Well, we sat and waited, and then we waited some more but he didn't fall in, in fact he walked back up to his fishing rods and was eating the last of his sandwich as we got to him!

Some people are so Ungrateful!

After that let down, we went hunting rabbits but even they had gone back to bed for a Sunday Afternoon Nap!

Coo'ee! Rabbits, where are you?
So, Holly and I decided that it would be a good idea if we also went back home and had one of our extra special 'Afternoon Snoozetts'!

And that's what we did, straight up to our Day Bed in OTL's office and just for a laugh, we swapped beds, I slept in Holly's and she snoozed in mine!

Super Afternoon Snoozing!
 Not sure what OTL has got for dinner tonight but I hope it is something I can mug 'cos we got Doggy Scoff this morning and you know how much we love that stuff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly