Monday, 29 September 2014

Howards Castle and The Rabbits!

Eee-Up Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Now, have we had some fun today!

It started off with the ferrets, last night, you see they are OK in their big cage during the day and overnight it's OK for sleeping but between dinner and bedtime they want to have a run around. Old Two Legs is not too sure about letting them have the run of the caravan 'cos he is mindful that when the mood takes them, they don't always get to a Poo Pot in time!

So, OTL lets them out and they have a 'Rampage' around the front of the caravan while Holly and I hide up on the bed!

It's great fun watching them chase each other and hide under the cushions and run around OTL's shoulders!

You know, even The Missus has started to stroke Mr Brambles and we even saw her give him a cuddle the other day!

Having a Rampage before Snoozy Time!
PeterC says that when they eat they have their eyes close, we reckon it is to stop getting anyone's whiskers in their eyes when they were all eating from the same bowl!

Our lot are refined ferrets, they have their own food bowls as well as their own Poo Pots, flash or wot!

Today we went out on The Moor for our early morning walk and we scared a few grouse into flying away!

We found the old reservoir and because there was no wind blowing OTL had a play with 'Reflections'!

Early Morning Reflections
After our walk we were off to Castle Howard, well that's wot TM called it but we reckon it should be Howard's Castle!

Mind you, we saw the building and it looked nothing like the castles we know!

It looked more like a whacking great house!

As we arrived at the gates, there on the notice board was 'No Dogs!'

Now that's a bit much, and after we had travelled all the way from North Kent just to see it!

Still, it did have an Arboretum there and they allowed dogs in there!

So, off we went!

OTL got all excited with the camera and spent loads of time on his knees or hanging from branches trying to get the best shot!

A Steel Osprey
Then there was this flower, all on it's own, in the middle of the grass, in full flower!

Don't know what it is but the colours looked very pretty!

but Wot is it?
Of course, being this time of the year we couldn't miss out on the Fungi!

We reckon that the trees would start to shed their leaves soon and in two or three weeks it would all be a fantastic show!

two or three weeks and then WOW!
I was getting a bit fed up with all this planty stuff and was trying to get after the rabbits. There were loads of sniffs everywhere and lovely big rabbit holes, just calling out to me to have a dig at!

TM said 'NO' and refused to let Holly or me off the lead, even when the notice said it was OK to lets us woofers run free!

OTL stayed out of it all by stopping by a pond to take pictures of the dragonflies!

Hello OTL!
TL was on his knees in a quaggy bit of marsh land by the side of the pond. He stayed there a good half an hour trying to capture the Red Darters in flight.

Dragonfly and Reflection!
That one wasn't too bad, it was lucky to get the reflection as well!

Then all of a sudden, they all disappeared!

Just one left to say.........

Bye bye OTL!
That was it really, we didn't get to chase rabbits, we didn't say hello to Howard but we did get slightly wet having lunch in the open air, but not enough for our raincoats!

Now we are off to mug OTL for some of his dinner!

By the way Sue, Sarcen stones come from Wales, not Yorkshire!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!