Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Snowflake is still training!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here with you!

Wot happened to the sun? One day we were rolling around catching up with the tans and next we are searching for our woolly hats!

First thing this morning, Snowflake was up and 'Pumping Iron', well rubber balls really, she was picking them up and running down the other end of the office and storing them in another cardboard box.

All fired up, she was really up for a morning run.

Down on the beach, I went for an early morning swim while Holly tried to catch some rays!

Snowflake was off and steaming along the beach, kicking up the sea shells and sea weed!

Old Two Legs had a hard time keeping up with Snowflake, until she stopped for a wee!

Back home she had a rub down and a breakfast of Ferret Nuggets and went back to sleep.

Snowflake Snoozing!
Holly said that it was OK to sleep like that but you had to be careful you haven't had anything to give you wind!

OTL said that Holly knew all about wind!

At lunchtime it hadn't brightened up at all so even the flowers were a bit dull looking, and OTL wasn't too happy about that!

We've seen better!
Mind you, OTL did find a Brown Banded Carder Queen Bee chomping away on some pollen and tried to get a shot of it but it flew off before OTL managed to get in position, still, it's good to see that the colony is looking good. Maybe a bit later this summer OTL will be able to try again!

OK, so he can't always get the best shot!
I started to take the mickey out of him and kept woofing that I could do better with a box of crayons and a white painted wall!

Can't Catch Me!
OTL said he would pinch my tail to use as a paint brush but I said he had to catch me first!

It was then that we heard a Black Headed Gull calling out that no one could catch him and he started to run across the mud stamping his feet!

Yer Can't Catch me either!
As OTL said, 'Soppy Bird'!

Back home for some more work for OTL while we had our afternoon snooze on the bed and left him in peace.

So, that's it for another day, I do hope the sun comes back soon, I've heard that the weekend should be sunny, so, claws crossed, we may even get a ride out in the car!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake