Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Highly Qualified Snoozers!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Today has been quite relaxing, in fact so relaxing that it has flown by! One moment we were getting up and the next it's dinner time!

We were out this morning down on The Sea Wall but the tide was out and there was nothing but boring mud!

Not even a Wormy Man to woof at!

Boring Mud!
We said 'Hello' to three Spaniels but they didn't hang around 'cos they said they had breakfast waiting for them!

Can't Stop Girls, Breakfast is Being Served!
 We had a sniff around but couldn't find any 'Real Exciting' sniffs, not even a rabbit!

Sniffs are not up to much this morning!
 That was it, back home to breakfast of Lambs Heart then wander off to Old Two Legs office for a relaxing snooze in the 'Day Beds'.

The best way to spend a Tuesday Morning!
 Come lunch time we started to jump up and woof at OTL, (It's our 'Walkies' sign!) So, good OTL, we went off in the car, but, instead of turning towards The Sea Wall, we headed off to the South!

Before long we ended up in The Forest! We've not been here for some time, so Holly and I were very excited puppies at the thought of a squirrel chase!

Squirrels This Way!
Now, OTL is a bit crafty and he normally has a reason for taking us to these great places and this was no exception!

Off we ran, snuffling amongst the leaves and in and out of the trees. When we looked behind us, no OTL!

Back we go to see if he has got lost or fallen into the ditches or been mugged by a squirrel and there he was, on his knees, backside up in the air, photographing a fungi!

Lepista nuda?
 Oh no! Says Holly, it's that time of the year again!

Well, we woofed and then ran back to him and gave him a shove, well it's supposed to be our outing in the woods, not his!

A bit further on he suddenly dives off again and there he is, back on his knees, looking through the viewfinder at another fungi!

Hypholoma fasciculare
 Now, you can see he has been reading his new super duper Fungi Book, not that it guarantees his naming the fungi correctly!

Mycena inclinata
 However, the fungi looks very much like the pictures and the descriptions shown in the book, but, if we had to rely on OTL identifying a fungi that was safe to eat, I think we would rather starve!

Come on, just how many mushrooms do you want to photograph?
 It was getting a bit boring, I mean, we're supposed to be squirrel chasing!

It was around about this time that we heard a terrible racket going on in front of us, Oh No, says Holly, they've scared off all the squirrels, look at them!

Down the path came a large number of children and some teachers, all of them making a terrible racket!

Wot Squirrels?
One of the teachers said they were on a 'Nature Walk', what nature they expected to see, I don't know, all the animals had run away!

We found traces of squirrel, like a chestnut that had been opened and the nuts eaten or buried ready for the Winter!

A Squirrel's been here!
OTL found another strange looking fungi and could not put a name to it, so we will have to make a return trip and see what it grows into!

Strange one this!
So that was it, OTL doing the fungi thing, with no tripod, so you know what we will be bringing next time!

Get a move on, we can sniff squirrel!
 No matter how much we tried, he would not get a move on, so that was it, slow, stop, slow, slow, stop!

 Tonight OTL has Bambi Burgers (Venison) so we are into serious mugging mode.

Then it's off for another snooze!

As far as snoozing goes, we are Experts!

See you tomorrow but watch out for the rain!

Bye bye,


Daisy & Holly