Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Monster in the Front Garden

Hello to you all,

I have discovered a monster in the front garden.

There's a conifer tree in our front garden, one that is shaped like a cone with good lot of branches down to the floor. I was going out one day with Old Two Legs  for a walk when  I caught the smell of 'something' underneath the lower branches. Brave as a terrier should be, I lunged forward towards the branches. The monster, having a better view of the outside world than I, of the tree insides, made a violent movement that stopped me dead in my tracks. 

Whoa Girl !!  I thought, slow down this could be tricky.

So there I was spread-eagled on my front legs like a starfish, I had  lowered my head to the ground and my backside pointing to the sky. 

The monster made movements again and I decided that backwards was a very good place to go, so, I  shot back like I'd been stung on my nose.

Half way through the jumping back manoeuvre, I managed a 180 degree turn to face the other way, ready to do a VFX (Very Fast Exit). The monster had also decided that it was time to make a VFX and took the opportunity to dash from the undergrowth to the underside of  our car parked four feet away.

It didn't help my street cred to have OTL laughing his head off.

The encounter made has me very suspicious of that tree and every time I go out I  give it a wide berth. I told Holly about the 'monster' that lurked under the tree, she wanted to investigate further. So we had Holly and me, on the Yoke lead with Holly straining to get to the tree and me straining in reverse to get away from the tree.

Holly reckons it was 'Hissin Chrissy' but I'm not so sure, I think it might have been a 'Puppy Eating Badger'.

That Holly's going to get us into trouble one day, I can see it coming!

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  1. Hi Daisy I wouldn't worry Im sure between the two of you you can handle anything,but Dougal says to let him Know if you need a hand.Hugs x