Friday, 12 November 2010

Windy Weather!

What a Day, OTL has been fiddling with the computer so I've not been able to get on to post this Blog!

I'm going to save up my 'Doggy Dinners Discount Vouchers' and buy my own Laptop!

We awoke yesterday with Force 8 wind blowing against the windows. Whao Ho I thought, it looks like a quick run around the football pitch this morning! TM says Angela is coming over to visit. Holly an me are going to hide up with OTL, at least he doesn't use Glitter!

This is us standing guard to keep OTL safe!

Guard Dogs

We went out at lunch time with OTL, still windy, found a super smell we just had to roll in.
OTL got his own back though, he had to wash both our backs , poo!

We found an old football that we got OTL to kick for us, we chased after it but it was just too big to chew on or pick up. So we left it to OTL to kick around, well, it kept him quiet for a while.

We think we have found a Badger's House, Holly found this large pile of sticks and stuff, so we are going to keep an eye on it when ever we go out. 

Here be Badgers!
I hope the wind and rain stops soon, I've got plans on digging a hole in the garden!


  1. Hi, Daisy & Holly, sounds like you had a good day. Dougal wants me to tell you he met a badger in our garden last night, it just looked at him then ran away, he would really have liked to chase it but I'll be keeping him on a short lead till I'm sure its gone. Watch you don't meet up with one that lives in that house! Hugs, Mary & Dougal. X

  2. Oh, Wow! A real Badger, you lucky pup!

    We saw a pheasant fly off today, we chased it across the field but lost it over the horizon!

    Daisy & Holly