Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Float like a Butterfly!

Hello All,

It's Daisy & (Princess) Holly back again!

Ever since Holly started to believe she is a real Princess, having had her 'Official' portrait taken yesterday, she has been swanning around and saying things like, 'Brush my Tail Wench' or 'If you don't bow down I'll have you locked in the Tower'.

That puppy is getting a little above herself!

I did point out that as I was her sister, that means I'm also a Princess, but she didn't take any notice!

That was in the morning, by the time lunch arrived she had forgotten all that and was more interested in stealing my bone and burying it in the garden, ho hum, back to normal again!

We had both Old Two Legs and The Missus take us out for the midday walk. We went down to The Farm and had a glorious walk. The sun was shinning and the wind was blowing but it was just wonderful. We even explored a new path but got fed up after a short while 'cos we ran out of trees to run through!

No Trees!
OTL saw some butterflies and took a picture.

This one is an Orange Tip, (wonder why?)

Orange Tip
This is an old favourite, Green-veined White!

Green-veined White
We spotted a very rare sight, it was the..............
Orange Jacket TM
The only problem with the Orange Jacket TM, it could not fly!

On our way back we kept our eyes open for the Old Dog Fox that we sometimes see, and there, in the margins of the field and just under the trees we saw the vixen. She looked in fine condition and OTL said we couldn't go and chase her because she was bigger that both of us put together!

Old Foxy!
 Holly thought that was a sensible thing to do,so we let old foxy alone

On the way back home we were all singing songs about Foxes and The Orange Jacket TM chasing butterflies!

No, TM still can't sing in tune!

OTL is getting worse, he keeps forgetting the words and just adds 'woof' or sometimes 'woofy woof, woof'! 

Home to chicken dinner and a chew on the bone!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Princess Holly!


  1. It was a grand day out girls The picture of fox is super!! Sorry Daisy but I love the 'Official Portrait ' Of Princess Holly so much I am going to use it as a background on my Lappy !!

  2. That looked a lot like it was sheltered from the wind which is more than I was. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Love the butterfly image, well done OTL really nice DOF.