Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Busy Day Today

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Hello Max, how's the training going? Have you got the Two Legs sorted yet?

We were up early this morning with The Missus, she was banging and crashing about making the place look tidy and trying to wake Old Two Legs up by switching the bedroom lights on and banging cupboard doors!

It didn't work, not until we set about his ears with our tongues!

That got him moving!

Super sunshine this morning and the wind had dropped, so it was a great run around the fields with TM. Back for a brush with OTL and breakfast of chicken and biscuits , that's the way to start the day!

This morning as spent snoozing on the bed then TM gave us the last of the chicken strips, it tasted super so we are going to remind OTL to get some more when we go out!

OTL has been busy up loading some pictures onto his web site. They are of the otter and the eagles we saw on holiday, Holly still thinks that the eagle would taste like chicken!

We did a bit of bullying with OTL, we went into the office and woofed at him! He was unsure of what we wanted first of all, he thought there was something wrong, then it clicked, We Want Walkies!

Before long we were at the top of Blue Bell Hill and chasing rabbits all over the place!

 We spotted this giant rabbit looking at us over the hedge, that was it, off we went in our best Doggy Charge, woofing and howling at the tops of our voices!

Let's make an Ambush!
 We flew down the path and into the trees and it was there that the rabbit disappeared into the trees. So Holly, being a little out of breath, said, Let's make an Ambush, then when he comes back up the path, we've got him!

Now that would have been OK except that when he came back, he brought a load of his mates with him, there must have been hundreds!

Holly said we should climb the tree 'cos rabbits don't climb trees, but I pointed out that neither do I!

They were surrounding us and I felt just like Custer did at the Last Stand, nervous!

I think we're surrounded!
We we standing there thinking what to do next when all of a sudden they stopped advancing and it was then that we heard OTL come crashing through the trees, he was trying to catch up with us and was all out of breath and puffing and blowing and shouting our names!

That was it, the rabbits scattered behind the trees and OTL had cleared a path for our retreat!

That was the opportunity we were waiting for and we dashed past OTL and up the path again! OTL turned around and started to run after us but he was not doing very well. Poor OTL has trouble running and breathing at the same time and soon we left him behind in the trees. We could hear that he was sort of OK 'cos his breathing was so loud, it sounded like a jet engine on steroids!

Do you think we lost them?
By the time OTL had caught up with us, he was as red as a beetroot and puffing fit to bust! It was good to see he managed to scare off the rabbits though, that was a close thing!

On our way back to the car we saw a Two Legs with a mountain bike and he was preparing to go down the path we had just come up, Holly says we should warn him but I reckon he could out run the rabbits, providing he was going down hill!

Shall we tell him?
Back home to a dinner of chicken and biscuits and a bit of beef mugged from OTL at dinner time, he really is a sucker for the old 'Hairy Eye Ball' and a little woof! (Max, make notes!)

Off to bed now, I've got Holly's carrot and I have hidden her chew under my blanket so we are in for a fun night!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Sounds like a FUN day with OTL, I think you should put his on a Carrot diet.

    So you didn't catch a Rabbit them even with all those about.

    Lovely story as usual. XX

  2. Hi YOU TWO WOOFERS......dO you think that I could
    catch a rabbit when I'm bigger ? They've started calling me 'mad max', cause I have a mad half hour
    and then collapse in a heap!!!Thanks for all the advice you two....I'm learning every day !!
    slobbery licks

  3. Oh Daisy you shouldn't make OTL run like that it is bad for his health, he is nowhere as young as he was.

    That was a big rabbit and would have fed you for ages.
    Nice story.