Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Saturday Swim

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you on a windy old Saturday.

We were up good and early this morning 'cos The Missus is off to her 'Crop' today, she missed the last one because we were on holiday. She has been getting all twitchy this past week, I suppose it's a phase these cardy type people go through if they don't get a regular fix of glue pots and glitter and peel-off's!

We didn't mind her going 'cos that means we can spend some time with Old Two Legs and have an adventure!

Today's adventure was to be a run down to The Marsh, but there was rain forecast for today so we decided that we may leave it until tomorrow, providing it doesn't rain tomorrow!

Instead we went down to the New Park where we both chased the tennis ball all over the place. OTL would throw or kick the ball and Holly and me chased it all down the paths and over the grassy fields, sometimes we would loose the ball in the long grass and OTL would have to find it for us.

OK Where's the ball?
Finally we arrived at the swimming hole, first of all there was just us there and we had fun splashing each other and OTL. Then he got the ball out and was throwing it into the water for me. As normal, he threw it just a little further than I could reach with my feet standing on the bottom. Suddenly I was swimming! All for paws off the bottom and paddling like I was running.

Look! Paws off the Bottom!

It was OK 'cos OTL was there but I did spin around and paddled towards shore a couple of times! The wind finally blew the ball in close enough for me to go in and get it, so OTL threw it out again and off I went, swimming again!

Look! I'm Swimming!

Now don't get the idea I am that confident yet, but I was certainly running and splashing with all the other big dogs!

The only bit of me that was not soaking wet was the top and back of my head!

It was great fun, Holly did come in the water but only for a paddle, you see, she doesn't do deep paddling or swimming and she says she prefers to keep her bits dry, thank you!

After a while I was starting to shiver, so OTL called me out and threw the ball in the grass and soon I was all dry again.

We stopped off to see if the Indians were about but there was no one at home.

No Indians at home today!
On the way back to the car we met up with a Spaniel type doggy and Holly was doing her 'Hello Puppy' bit when he turned around and kissed her on her nose!

Gissa Kiss?
Well, that made sit back on her tail!

Back home again and it wasn't long before TM got back from the crop, all happy 'cos she had been playing at card making, only problem with that was she didn't even make one card!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy (The Mermaid) & Holly (Just been kissed)


Yo Max, I like the trick you played on your Two Legs, they couldn't find a pile or a puddle? Nice one, where did you hide them? We used to hide them under the dining room table!

Another thing, stick to the flower bed for digging holes, it takes the Two Legs some time to find them and it's easier to dig than a lawn!

Best of luck my lad!


  1. Glad you two had a good day out, sounds like you are getting quite adventurous at the swimming hole.

    Me I got the sniffs after going out wiv Trev have been in all day having a long snoozett to get rid of it.xx

  2. Another lovely day for you, so what did TM do all day if she didn't make a card? You are encouraging Max to be too wise, if you carry on like this you will be loosing the keyboard, you had better get practice at doggie whispers. Google it tomorrow, just in case. xx

  3. Hello you gorgeous woofers.....I suppose you needed a skinny dip to get rid of all that poo yesterday !!
    The missus made a card tonight YEH !!!! She needed a fix too, cos she had'nt made a card in ages.....and it will be on her blog tomorrow, with some pics of ME WHICH ARE MUCH MORE INTERESTING !!!
    Night,night my bestest chums
    Max xxxxxxxx

  4. Have we another Mark Spitz in the making. The tea cup shows a gold coming your way.

    A nice day out for you.