Monday, 7 November 2011

We visit the Smelly Nelly again and to Knot or not to Knot, but thats not the Question!

Hello Woofers!

It’s Daisy & Holly back with you again.

What a damp, grey, miserable old day today has been! We have been expecting it to rain all day, but it didn’t, it tried a few drops then gave up ‘cos it was too miserable to even rain!

Well, it hasn’t stopped us from having a good time! 

First of all we went out with The Missus for our morning walk, woofed at a few pigeons, just for fun, and said hello to a big old floppy Labrador who just mumbled a greeting and carried on snuffling under a bush.

Old Two Legs was ready with the brush when we got back and he decided to brush Holly first for a change. 

He normally brushes me first but Holly has been getting a bit grumbly ‘cos OTL wakes her up from her ‘after walk snooze’ to have a brush and she doesn’t like being woken up, so she has a grumble and shows off a bit.

Not that OTL takes any notice and tells her not to be such a ‘Grumble Guts’ which makes her all sorry and snuggles into OTL’s arms while he carries her downstairs for the brushing.

This morning OTL says, ‘Holly First’ and goes to pick her up. Holly has a little grumble but decides it’s not worth complaining ‘cos OTL will get his own way ‘cos he is bigger that Holly and me put together!

After the brushing that we both enjoy really, we have to wait for our breakfast, chicken and biscuits, but when it arrived we were both straight in, up to our ears, indeed, a ‘Super Breakfast’. Just the thing to set you up for a mid morning snooze!

OTL has been busy making things and bashing away on the computer keyboard while we were having our snooze and when we woke up he said that he had some stuff to deliver. 

Off we went with him in the car and after the last delivery he telephoned the accountant to arrange to drop some stuff off but the accountant wasn’t in. Oh Bother says OTL, we’ll have to find something to do for an hour or so! 

Well, we know our way around the area and told OTL that the Riverside Park was close, so off we went for a run!

First of all we said ‘Hello’ to the old barge we call the ‘Smelly Nelly’ on account that when the tide is out it smells awful!

It's the Smelly Nelly!
We then chased some gulls that had landed on the beach and woofed them away. 

No Gulls on our Beach
Then we went around the side and had a look in the rabbit hole to see if there were any rabbits at home.

There was a note pinned to the door, it said ‘Gone Shopping, back soon’, Holly said that the trouble with rabbits is that they always buy up the best carrots before we get there!

OTL was standing at the end of the path looking at some gulls he called Knot, and I asked if they were related to the Not Not’s we meet in the New Park. OTL said that they were totally unrelated, which was a shame ‘cos we could have had some fun calling them the Not Not Knots!

Holly tried by calling to them ‘is you Knots?’ but they didn’t take any notice and seemed more interested in eating the mud which is ‘Knot’ very healthy!

To Knot or not to Knot, but that's not a real question!
Holly can be such a Wag sometimes!

OTL has been playing about with the pictures he took yesterday and we have decided that the one of Holly is worth putting up on the wall, so he is going to frame the picture and then find some place to hang it!

Holly dreaming of Duck!

You can almost see her lips moving.

Chicken, liver, chicken!

Mind you, someone said that Duck taste like duck, but what does duck taste like, chicken? 

That’s what Holly wants to know!

Bye bye for now, we are off to get some dinner, Doggy Food, Yuk!

Looks like OTL will get seriously mugged tonight!


Daisy & Holly (Chicken is best!)


  1. Oh, now I know who chases the birds out to the islands. I had wondered who to give a good talking to.

    Not not knots, you'l be not not dogs soon.

    Not really coz you is lovely.Grab some short bread for me.

  2. I want some short bread too. It's not not fair to give Trev some and not me. You two do have a varied life with all this moving about to different places. Love the Holly Picture XX

  3. Hello you two woofers,Oh no, knot the smelly nelly
    Thats what they call me sometimes, but that old barge looks nothing like me......Just probably smells like me ! Guess what ? I can chase my tail,
    round and round and yas
    slobbery licks

  4. P.S. OSL blog is up and running if you fancy a look !
    Chris R